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Harvey Creech will be missed

Hello once again. Hope everyone is well.

Sorry to hear that Harvey Creech died this past week. He was moderator of Poor Fork Old Regular Baptist and was a very good man and loved God. The song ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’ reminds me of him. Our sympathy goes out to his family and his church. He will be missed by all. I really enjoyed his preaching.

Heard from Audrey and Charles Hammonds from North Vernon, Ind., this week and they are still in need of our prayers. Audrey has to have some surgeries done. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Some of the birthdays this month were Helen Fields Cooper, Carolyn Harvey Sturgill, and Dakota Fields. Hope all of you enjoyed. A late happy birthday to all of you.

More birthdays are Jay Bates on Feb. 24 and Wissy Bates Caudill on Feb. 17.

Tonya Fields, daughter of Wayne and Missy Fields, got her driver’s permit. Congrats, Tonya.

Pam Fields Creech was back in for a few days visiting relatives.

Greensburg, Ind., had a lot of ice. Glad we were here and missed it. School was closed three or four days. Kids were bored! They were stuck at home and couldn’t see their friends. Thank God for Facebook, Myspace and texting and talking on cell phones or they would not have made it. LOL. Big Cowan

When we were little, we didn’t get out of school that often but when we did, we enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow, having snowball fights, sledding and just having fun. We didn’t have TV, computers, cell phones or telephones, mostly radio, but we still had fun and didn’t seem to get sick very often.

I know kids nowadays think we came from the Stone Age. We didn’t even have four-wheelers, didn’t know what they were. We depended on our legs, bicycles or riding in the family truck and in the wintertime with chains on the tires. School bus had heaters, but we not getting warm enough and we really didn’t complain much.

If we were stuck inside, we girls would play with paper dolls, jacks, playing house, etc. Oh well, time to get off the soapbox and get back to the present.

I do remember one time we were gone from the house and the fire went out and our goldfish was frozen solid. Kathy and I thought we could thaw it out by putting it on the stove and heating it up. Boy, were we wrong. I think the cat wound up with the fish, poor fish.

One time Daddy brought home some baby ‘possums. They didn’t have any hair and we wrapped them in cotton and put them in a long matchbox and set them on the warmer on top of the cook stove and thought they would be OK. It practically cooked the little suckers. We weren’t trying to be cruel to animals, we thought we were helping them. Well, it didn’t go that way. Now, ain’t that something?

Don’t laugh. Some of you probably did worse. Ha! Ha! (Boiled fish or cooked ‘possum, anyone?)

Rueben Lewis had a surgical procedure this past week. He and Odessa both need our prayers. Also, Wayne Cole needs prayer.

Also on the prayer list this week: Irene and Eugene Day, Joe Maggard who has been very sick, Mary Ann Maggard, Carl and Pat Mullins, Carla Maggard, Mary Lou Fields, Hazel Rayburn, Mike Rayburn, Carol Ann and Kendall Ison, the Pollys (Rick, Linda and Christy), Mandy King, Louise King, Tim Amburgey — we love you, Bro. Tim, and Bill and Agnes Maggard, Columbus, Ind., all those that are enslaved with drugs and alcohol, those in financial need, those that need spiritual healing.

Allen Pack is still very much in need of prayer, and all our neighbors, family members, friends, those that have lost loved ones, all that need help with high electric bills, all those in hospitals and nursing homes, all the shut-ins that are unable to get out and about, Thula Ison, and children that have cancer. Just pray for everyone .

Thank God for this beautiful weather that we have had for a few days. Hopefully it stays this way for a little while. Whether groundhog Phil saw his shadow or not, it is still six weeks until spring. Just hope it gets here soon.

In June, there will be a couple of new additions to the family. They are both girls and due the same day. Dee and Sammy Gibson and Erica Demery are due June 4. Can’t wait. Dee and Erica are both granddaughters of Archie and Margaret Fields. Congrats to all.

It has been a year since Dee and Sammy lost their first little angel and our sympathy goes to them for their loss. I know they will never forget, but their burden should be a little lighter with the arrival of their new bundle of joy in June.

Erica has two sons, Courtland and DeAundre, and is expecting a baby girl in June. Those boys will turn it into a tomboy.

Congrats to all. Erica lives in California but hopefully she will come visit so we can see all the babies. We really miss them.

One of the ministers in Westport, Ind., lost his wife to cancer last week. She was in her 50s. Her name was Kendra Sharp. Let’s keep her family and the church family in our prayers. It is really hard on a church when they lose their first lady of the church. So many of the women, young and old, really look up to them for spiritual guidance and the pastor loses his helpmate. It has to be devastating. Let’s remember all churches and pastors.

Well, everyone have a good week. I wanted to say hello to Delzie Banks and his sister Marie over in Cumberland, also to Virginia and Burdeen Gilley of Columbus, Ind. May God bless all of you.

A happy Valentine’s Day to Peggy Caudill in Kansas from your family in Kentucky!

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