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Harveys mark 41st anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all is well on this beautiful Sunday morning as I write this.

It has been a busy week. I spent two days going to the heart doctor for tests and a two-day stress test. Haven’t heard anything yet, but sure everything will be fine with this old gal.

Praise the Lord, Sylvania Whitaker received a kidney. She had been waiting for awhile and so far she is doing well. Keep her in prayer. It has been a rough road.

Dorothy and Glen Miles have a new great-grandson, Roan Neil Miles. Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Neil Miles. Congrats to all of them.

My husband is doing well after hand surgery. Archie is still doing well. Michelle Murphy is doing some better. Isom Fields’s son-in-law Charlie has been in the hospital. Pray that he is doing OK.

A mistake was made in last week’s paper. It should have been Marty and Brett Hays had a new baby boy, not Mary. A misprint by the paper. Sorry!!

Bill Maggard has been in the hospital again in Columbus, Ind. He and Agnes sure need all of our prayers.

Birthdays: Katina Rayburn Collins, happy late birthday on Nov. 18. Her parents are Faye Martin and Terry Rayburn and wife Carol. Cannot think of Faye’s husband’s name.

Kenny and Sue Redford Harvey will be married 41 years on Nov. 25. This is for them. “Wedding anniversaries, they come but once a year and we hope that this one will bring you cheer with the Lord and Savior to be your guide in the clouds of glory you will be his bride.” Happy anniversary!!

Jimmy ‘Big Jim’ Banks died one year ago on Nov. 28 and is still missed by friends, family and all those who knew him.

Also on the prayer list this week: Lorraine Miles Stuart, Irene and Eugene Day, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, my granddaughter Michaela who is being bullied at school to the point she is changing schools. Something needs to be done about bullying, not only in schools but on Facebook. Schools do not seem to be handling the situations very well. On Facebook you can delete that person or block them. All of schools everywhere need prayer.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving this year and be thankful that you have a roof over your head, food to eat, a warm place to sleep and clothes to wear. Let’s pray for the homeless and shut- ins that they will have a good Thanksgiving.

Everyone have a good week. Until next time, may God bless.

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