Whitesburg KY

Hatton brothers attend Bristol races


Hello everyone. Hope everything is going well for all of you.

I really enjoyed having my son Astor and his wife Rosemary in for a visit. All four of my sons, Rob, Astor, Billy and Larry, are in Bristol for the races. They are staying at Larry’s camper.

My grandson, Chris Hatton, is also with them. They look forward to that, and being together. I am so glad my boys are close friends.

Aggie Hatton is still in the hospital. I visited her and John Sexton. He was in Whitesburg Hospital, and they sent him to Lexington for a heart cath. I got to visit with him and his wife, Lorraine and his daughter Drucilla, and also his sister, Yvonne and her husband Affert Tackitt.

I had never met them before. The Sextons were a large family, like us How- ards. I think I have met them all now. The Sexton brothers were my husband’s hunting buddies.

When I said in my news last week that I loved living in Marlowe and never wanted to leave, so I found me a man who loved it as much as me, I was talking about my husband, Clyde. He was born there.

I got a call from Gloria Ramsey the other day. She’s helping in the Relay for Life, and she will be in the Golden Girls at our Mountain Heritage this year. I hope she does well.

My sister Louise Shepherd and I spent some time together last Saturday. We had lunch at Arby’s and went on to Neon and bought some groceries and just enjoyed ourselves.

Linda ( Pennington) Hall got a subscription to The Eagle for her cousin, Beulah. I don’t know her last name, but she was a daughter of the late Annie and Tys Delph. She put in the obituary of her sister Pauline Anna Sue Steele in last week’s paper.

They were our Marlowe friends from a very long time ago. I remember them.

I thought she might like seeing her name in the paper, and I hope I write about some of the people she can remember. I’m a daughter of the late Cindy and Bill Howard; you might remember me.

I’m proud of our church. We collected a lot of things for the tornado victims, and also sent money. Bobby Ray Howard and others delivered it to them, and I know they were glad to get it. I’m glad of all the help they got. They sure needed help.

When I visited Aggie Hatton at the hospital, her brother Chester Lee Niece and his wife Joyce were there also, and I enjoyed talking with them. I don’t think Chester Lee likes for his name to be in the paper, so I won’t mention you, Chester Lee! Ha, ha!

We had a youth meeting at our church last Saturday night, and it was really great. We had a packed out house. I was actually surprised to see so many young people from so many places, and lots of us older people were there also. There were good singers and music, and you could tell they were serious. We sure enjoyed them.

The preacher who came to preach was from London, Bro. Todd Hickmine. He brought a busload from his church where he is the pastor. We sure enjoyed him and hope they will come back. They really seemed like they enjoyed it and felt right at home with us.

We are proud of all our people in our church. They are willing to do whatever they can to help our church and they work with our younger kids. We need young people as some of us are getting older and we want our church to go on.

Well, I’m tired of writing, and I know you are tired of reading, so may God bless all of you, and may all the sick ones get better.

Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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