Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Hatton family decorates graves


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and keeping cool. It has sure been hot, but I won’t complain.

The weather was pretty good all winter. Not a lot of snow and ice, and that was good, so whatever the weather is will be okay with me. Not that it matters.

This has been a good week. My son Rob came in and I got to visit with him part of four days, and I loved that.

We went to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch one day and I met a lot of friends. All of them tell me they read my news, and some of them I didn’t know.

We did see Steve Stamper and his wife. They were Whitesburg people and now live in Corbin. His parents were Lola and Hassell Stamper, and both worked for Dawahare’s in Whitesburg. He went to Whitesburg High School. I remembered them.

I saw Bro. Van Webb and his wife Betty at Pine Mountain Grill.

It was good seeing Jenetta Howard and her brother Jack Niece and his wife Vivian at Green Acres Cemetery. I hadn’t seen them in a long time. Jack and his wife have been living in Jackson for a long time.

My grandson Dr. Kevin Hatton and wife Adrienne and their two good-looking sons, Will and Loren, all came in for a visit, and we all went to the cemeteries to decorate the graves. I sure did enjoy seeing them. They live in Lexington and don’t get much time off.

We have so many people sick. Shirley Niece has been in the hospital but is home now. I didn’t know she had been there.

Charlie and Aggie Hatton are both needing prayer. Aggie has been in the hospital, and I don’t know if she still is. I haven’t been able to reach them by phone.

Ruby Jean Maggard of Cowan is still very sick.

Shannon Shepherd Banks is real worried about her daughter, Destini Banks. If anyone sees her or hears from her, tell her to call her mother.

We offer our sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. I haven’t been to any funerals this week and I haven’t been out and about much.

I did go to Ermine Center one day. I hadn’t been there in so long, and it was good seeing everyone. I love going up there, but something always comes up.

They said they gave my seat up, but the lady who sits there didn’t come that day so I got to sit with Kathy Palumbo and Lizzie Mae Wright in my old seat. The food was real good.

It was good to see Janice Foster. She’s always smiling, and so are all the other ladies.

Geneva and Wilford Sturgill were there. Geneva loves to quilt. I could never sit still long enough for it.

I hope Rose Ballard and Emma Lou Engle are doing well. I’ve been hearing about all the dancing you do, Rose. Be careful and don’t break a leg or something.

I really enjoy reading everyone’s news. I feel like I know all of you.

I ran into two of my old Blackey friends at Food City the other day, Martha Burns and Joann Walters. We started first grade together in Blackey. We talked a long time, mostly about my grandparents, the late Arch and Ida Howard.

My grandpa was so funny. I spent a lot of time with them after we moved away. Martha and Joann were neighbors of theirs, and we had lots of funny stories to tell. I sure loved them.

Well, I’ve rattled on long enough.

Hello Anna Watkins and Ada King. I need to call and see if you are behaving yourselves.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

Hello Elzie Ray and Irene Hatton in Tennessee. I think about you often and wonder how you are doing.

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