Whitesburg KY

Hatton, Justice win here

Campbell, Helle to vie for coroner

Letcher County Democrat Angie Hatton and Pike County Republican Frank D. Justice II will vie for the office of state representative in the 94th District in the November General Election.

According to unofficial results in the Pike County precincts and all Letcher County precincts, Hatton, of Whitesburg, took a total of 3,096 votes, compared to Pikeville pharmacist Joel Thornbury’s 1,958 votes.

In the Republican race, Justice, a current Pikeville City Commissioner and former Pikeville mayor, took a total of 963 votes, compared to his closest competitor, Pikeville attorney Charles Phillip Wheeler, who took a total of 773 votes. Whitesburg businessman Colin Fultz took a total of 520 votes between the two counties.

There are a number of provisional votes, according to Pike County election officials, which will have to be hand-counted and which will take time to tabulate.

Justice said he is looking toward the November race.

“This was a new experience and different from running for mayor,” Justice told the Appalachian News-Express in Pikeville Tuesday. “I have met some fine people in the district which allowed me to slow down and see what is important. I enjoyed spending time with the voters and listening to what they have to say. If elected to Frankfort, I will address all problems and keep my promises.”

Hatton could not be reached for comment as of press time Tuesday.

Hatton received 3,096 votes — 2,363 in Letcher County and 733 in Pike County. Democrat Joel Thornbury, a pharmacist and owner of pharmacies in Pikeville, received 1,958 votes — 756 in Letcher County and 1,202 in Pike County.

Justice, former Pikeville mayor, garnered 963 votes — 293 in Letcher County and 670 in Pike County.

Republican Charles Phillip Wheeler, a Pikeville attorney, garnered 773 votes — 274 in Letcher County and 499 in Pike County. Colin

Fultz, owner of Kentucky Mist Moonshine, received 520 votes — 503 in Letcher County and 17 in Pike County. Wesley Doughman, a former probation and parole officer in Letcher County, received 197 votes — 180 in Letcher County and 17 in Pike County.

In the closely contested primaries for Letcher County coroner, Renee Campbell won the Democrat ticket. Campbell received 1,833 votes and Perry Fowler received 1,498.

Scott Helle won the Republican ticket with 519 votes. Roy Everett “Big E” Duncan garnered 500 votes. Elijah Davis got 119 votes.

Letcher County voters overwhelming chose Bernard “Bernie” Sanders as their Democrat choice for president of the United States. Sanders received 1,788 votes. With 838 votes, Hilary Clinton is Letcher County’s second choice and 421 voted uncommitted. Martin J. O’Malley garnered 71 votes and Roque Rocky De La Fuente received 25 votes.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray received the most votes in Letcher County for United States senator. Democrat vote totals are Gray, 1,431; Sellus Wilder, 413; Grant T. Short, 406; Ron Leach, 171; Jeff Kender, 146; Tom Recktenwald, 127 and Rory Houlihan, 47.

United States Sen. Rand Paul and U.S. Rep.Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers easily won their primaries.

Only 29 percent, or 3,436 Democrats and 33 percent, or 1,282 Republicans voted in Letcher County.

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