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Have you eaten dandelion greens?

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone once again!

It seems it is getting rather difficult to concentrate to write the past few weeks. Each time I think of giving it up, here comes a note saying how much someone enjoys my writing. You readers have become like family to me.

Several years ago I made a remark to a longtime family member, Johnny Calihan, who is in this area. I had no close immediate family members since all my brothers and my sister are back in the mountains. Johnny said for someone not to have an immediate family, I had the largest extended family of anyone that he had ever known.

Johnny and Ann have become as close as blood relatives, actually even closer.

There are so many who have touched my life down through the years.

I was friends with Margie Kelly and Hazel Lee over 30 years and never had an ill word with either one.

Belated birthday wishes to Jon Farmer, Gwen Huff Farmer’s baby. I think Gwen said John and his family were coming for a visit .

My brother Richie Hall has been feeling a little better, as he is able to get out and about.

Bruce Jones, I’m telling you to put up a huge fence so Richie can’t get in your pea patch as he just might have to get a few extra to send me a mess.

Richie had to tell me that Barb Jones has already gave him and Wanda a mess of lettuce and onions. Richie also mentioned having a mess of something called bears lettuce. Gee, I hadn’t heard of that since way before our mom passed away.

How many can remember eating dandelion greens when they are real tender?

How this time of year makes me yearn once more to go with Mommy and Grandma Rosa Hall to pick ‘sallet,’ not salad. It is a wonder that so many didn’t get poisoned to death, but the older generations knew what to get. Something called lamb’s quarters, crow’s feet, creases greens, plantain greens (two kinds of that, a long, narrow leaf, and a short, wide variety), then of course there was poke sallet You could cook the poke leaves and fry the stalk after rolling it in cornmeal.

For those of you who live anywhere close to this area or in northern Kentucky, please come to Richwood Opry at the Richwood Flea Market Exit on May 5 at 7 p.m. to see one of the greatest bluegrass bands you will ever hear, Larry Efaw & Bluegrass Mountaineers. This is a great family band of three generations as Danny Davis is on board with the band now. Alex Leach will also be on this show.

Larry will also be playing at Shepherdsville May 4, and at another place, then May 6 he will be at OKI in Huber Heights.

I am sorry I will miss that show as Old Time Fiddlers is May 6.

Doyle and Betty Ison are feeling up to having some time out.

Friday night, I went to Coon Hunters again. Oh I would have cried for a week had I not gone!

My all-time favorite fiddle player Marvin Davis was there along with John Muncy and others to do the show. Oh what a show it was. Marvin giving me orders not to dance. I knew I wasn’t able, but that didn’t stop my feet from dancing in the chair.

I did slow dance one dance with a 93-year-old man named Fred, and started a second dance but had to sit down as I got very dizzy.

Sunday, I drove to Fairborn, to a benefit for Wilbur and Pauline Carpenter who lost a son a couple months ago. It was a very nice benefit, and a good amount of money was raised to help with funeral expense.

Dixie Ryders is a band that I have loved for such a long time. Bill Howard plays claw hammer banjo. Actually, Bill is one of the finest claw hammer pickers that I have ever heard.

Stan McFarland is also a great fiddler player, and Bob Hamblin picks a mean mandolin. Wilbur Carpenter is the lead guitar picker and singer.

I think Darrel McGuire is the bass player, and I hope I haven’t gotten the wrong name again.

I sat with Joe Campbell and he was kind enough to ask me to slow dance, which I enjoyed immensely. I did something I am sure that my heart surgeon would have chewed me out for doing. When Bill Howard played one tune in particular, I waited until it was about half over, and my feet had a mind of their own. Joe and I hit the floor. Joe is 80 years old and is a very good dancer. One time was enough for me.

Dorothy Tackett, I will try to go this week or next and get a few more books published and get your copy to you. I love you girls, too.

Hello Oma Hatton, I am sending a little love to you and your son Billy.

To be a little woman, I seem to have a lot of love in my heart for everyone. The more I give away, it seems the more my heart is replenished.

I went back to my heart surgeon, and he did another EKG as my heart rate is still running high. I am not completely out of danger yet for a heart attack.

Someone sent me a message on the computer and said having the surgery took care of that. I’m sure glad people know more than the doctor does!

There’s something called ‘a-fib’ when your heart rate goes so high and it can throw you into a heart attack. This is what happened to me. What is happening now is called sinus something, and it’s nothing to do with your sinus cavities either.

I am on a beta blocker to slow my heat rate down, and Lasis to take away excessive water.

Berma Matthews, I read where you broke your leg. I am so sorry to hear this.

Shirley Wells, I wish you had been at the benefit last week to hear Clarence Kelly. At least you got to hear one song.

Hello my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, and to my sister Loretta Church.

Well I have a lot to do and a short time to get it done, so until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone, 513-367-4682.

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