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Have you ever seen a goat with a mohawk?


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer.

The first thing I want to do is apologize to Gertrude Tyree for not mentioning her name in the picture I put in last week of her grandson Jonathon Adams. I forgot that he was her grandson. I’m with the other grandparents Brenda and Bennet all the time. I think the world of Gertrude. I met her at Letcher Manor when Clyde was up there. I bragged on her to everyone and called her Florence Nightingale for being so good to all the residents. I haven’t been back up there since Clyde left. I spend my time at the Veterans’ home and it’s hard to go to both places. I miss seeing Gertrude.

The Pennington family had a reunion at Millstone Missionary Church. They had 49 present and had a good time. They played games and enjoyed visiting with each other.

Dorothy Tacket and her daughters, Charlene, Jeanette, Deloris and Lucille and her sisters Linda Hall and Pearl Noble were going to Tiffin, Ohio to visit Brother Garth Tyree’s church where the Master’s Harmony will be singing. While there they will get to visit Hugh Pennington and his exwife Mary. They are still good friends. I’m sure they will all enjoy themselves. I’m sure Hugh will be glad to see them. Pearl Noble had a birthday on July 16. She turned 73 and is still looking good. Happy late birthday Pearl! Your sisters told on you.

We’ve been having homecoming at our church, Whitco Penecostal Faith Tabernacle. It has been great with large crowds and great preaching by our evangelist Brother Wendell Pittmas of Missouri. He has been coming here for 12 years. We’ve sure had some good singers. We had our dinner Sunday and I think I counted 10 preachers there with lots of their churches. Our pastor Brother John Conn and all the congregation thank everyone who came and made it one of our best. We were loaded with great food and much was left over.

Have any of you ever seen a goat with a mohawk? I have one. His hair stands up on his back from his neck to his tail. He is white with black hearts on his front legs. He is so funny looking, I’ve got to take a picture.

My great granddaughter, Ellie Beth Mullins had a pool party Saturday for her birthday. I think she had 26 little kids there. I’m sure they had a great time. She is the daughter of Angie and Rich Mullins. Gillis Reedy and wife Marie were there. They are so good to attend everything. They are fine folks.

May God Bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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