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Haymond residents nearer to getting water, sewer

Residents of Haymond are closer to having new water and sewer services in their community. Engineer Ken Taylor of Kenvirons told the Fleming- Neon City Council at its April meeting that while he is still working on some easements in the area, Haymond residents will have the opportunity to begin signing up for water and sewer service from the city sometime next month. Water Department Superintendent Carlos Phillips suggested that the city hold signups at City Hall for several days before going into the community to round up stragglers.

“It would be much better to let people come into City Hall for several days and to try to get as many as possible,” said Phillips. “Then do the rest by going to their homes. We did it that way at Seco and Kona and it worked out well.”

Phillips also reported that water customers can rest a bit easier when going about their daily chores. Phillips told the council that although the main well is filling slowly, it is filling at a steady clip. He said the auxiliary well is doing so well the city is pumping most of its water there, running the pumps from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. He said he plans to use the auxiliary well throughout the summer months because it has recovered to the point that if the water isn’t pumped, it will just be wasted from running over into the creek. “We have all the water we need right now, ” said Phillips.

Phillips also told the council that water losses are down considerably, but he doesn’t really know why. “Water loss is down,” said Phillips. “But we don’t know why. We haven’t found any major leaks and repaired them. I’ve looked at it but we can’t figure out just why it is down. I hope it stays.”

Phillips also asked the council to declare an “old green Chevy pickup” as surplus. He said the body is “falling off,” but the motor and frame are sound. Phillips said he wasn’t sure about the model year but that it was about 1986. The council voted unanimously to declare the vehicle surplus.

The council also voted to declare a 1999 Ford LTD Crown Victoria police cruiser complete with lights as surplus. Police Chief Henry Day said if the council sells the cruiser to a sworn officer, such as a constable or another police department, it can sell it with lights attached, but if it sells it to a member of the general public, the lights will have to be taken off. The council voted to list the items for bid separately.

Day told the council he had nothing to report and that the city has been relatively quiet. He did say that Officer Josh Webb had hurt his knee over the weekend while on duty and that he isn’t sure of the extent of the injury.

Council member David Vanover offered his resignation as PRIDE coordinator for Fleming-Neon. Vanover said he had served for over four years and had decided to step down for a while and let someone else have a chance at the volunteer position. Mayor Susie Polis will appoint another volunteer, but Vanover said if she can’t find someone else, he might take the position back.

In other council business:

. City Attorney James Wiley Craft II told the council he is working on several ordinances including a revised nuisance ordinance, and will have them ready for the council to vote on soon.

. Council member Cheryl Furby introduced a new purchase order form to comply with city regulations for purchasing. Council member Karen Hall read the ordinance and the council agreed that the city had not been in compliance with purchasing practices contained within. City Attorney Craft cautioned the council that if it uses purchase orders, it will have to follow the practice strictlyMayor Polis told the council she will convene a budget workshop in the near future for the upcoming fiscal year budget.

. Council member Vanover thanked several council members for participating in this year’s clean-up and said they picked up 27 bags of garbage last Saturday. He also thanked local businesses for their cooperation.

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