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Haymond Sewer Project work nearly complete, council told; faster broadband is wanted

Work on the Haymond Sewer Project is nearing completion, according to Fleming- Neon Water and Sewer Department Superintendent Carlos Phillips, who told the Fleming-Neon City Council at its November meeting that work is approximately 73 percent complete within 85 percent of the allotted time frame for the contract. Phillips said the city has gained 228 new customers with more to come when the project is finalized.

Phillips also told the council that water losses stand at about 36 percent, up a percentage point or two from last month. Phillips said workers haven’t been able to isolate any leaks but continue to look for them when time allows. Councilman Trey Quillen told Phillips the Fleming-Neon Volunteer Fire Department had two structure fires in October and used about 15,000 gallons, but Phillips said that would not figure in the loss report. The city water supply is in good shape as well. Phillips said both wells are holding their own in the slight drought the region has recently experienced. He added that he expects recent rains to replenish supplies as well.

Phillips said the city water plant is in good shape and running well and the sewer plant continues to be in compliance although a broken impeller has prevented the sand filter from being used until it is repaired. He said that while the sewer plant runs better with the sand filter in use, it is able to run without it and continues to put out clean water. Phillips also told the council design work has begun on a new pump station near Neon Junction to replace an old one that is worn out and that a faulty pump in the Haymond water storage tank has been replaced. The new sewer pump station is being built as a prefabricated unit.

In other news, the council voted unanimously to approve the second reading of Ordinance 10-1110, which renews the city’s franchise agreement with Intermountain Cable. Councilman James D. Collins asked City Clerk Janice Banks to make sure the city will have access to broadband speeds of 6 MPS or higher as part of the agreement. Police Chief Mike Dingus added that the police department needs an Internet access outlet rather than the wireless access it has used in the past. He said the signal comes and goes and can cause problems when uploading reports. Mayor Susie Polis said she would see to the installation of wiring.

Chief Dingus also told the council that criminal activity in Fleming-Neon is down considerably, with only 41 calls for service for October. Dingus reported that city offi- cers issued 19 citations, made seven arrests, and worked two accidents. A hearing for public comment on a grant for a new police vehicle was held and results have been sent to grant specialists at the Kentucky River Area Development District to be included with the grant package. Dingus said the Halloween Safe Night was very successful and that city officers participated and gave out a “ton of candy.” He added that the turnout was very good, everyone was well behaved, and the weather was excellent.

The council also discussed upcoming Christmas celebrations but did not set dates. Councilman Collins said the Neon Days Committee would meet and set a date for the Christmas Parade, which will probably be the first or second weekend in December. Council members also discussed the Christmas dinner the council holds each year for city employees, but Mayor Polis said dates should be coordinated with the Water Department and the Fleming-Neon Volunteer Fire Department so there are no conflicts. The council’s Christmas dinner will be held at the Hemphill Community Center.

The council also discussed purchasing new chairs for the city clerk’s office and the council meeting room, and new desks for the police department office. Several possibilities were discussed and the members settled on two desks for the police department office and four chairs to be used for the meeting room. The meeting was adjourned just more than 27 minutes after it began.

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