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Hazel Adams gets three cakes for 90th birthday


Sorry if anyone missed the Jeremiah column last week. I got a little lazy and skipped a week, so some of this is a couple of weeks old.

A lot of family and friends attended the molasses stir-off at Blair Branch. Some came to help and some came to watch and visit. All seemed to enjoy themselves. A lot of good, old fashioned food was also brought in for everyone at lunch time. They have molasses for sale, and you can call 633-3132 for more information.

Recently the Gernie and Callie Croucher family held their reunion at the old homeplace. Some of the family stayed at Gramp’s Cabin on Pratt Fork. They enjoyed the rental cabin and the homemade candy Brenda Asher makes for her guests.

Shirley Combs of Isom, and some of her family also recently stayed there for a few nights, and enjoyed the ‘cabin’ and being together.

The Tilden and Martha Caudill family reunion was held last Saturday night at the Blair Branch Church. I hope they had a good time catching up with each other.

Hazel Adams celebrated her 90th birthday on Sept. 30, and received three birthday cakes from different family members. She had a good day, but fell a day or two later and broke her hip. She had surgery in Pikeville, and is back at Whitesburg having therapy. We wish her a fast recovery. She was really missed by her family at the George M. and Sally Banks Adams reunion.

Susie Raglin, Opal Banks, Danola Bell and Luther and Bill Adams, were all at the reunion, but this year they missed Jr. ‘Hog Eye,’ who had died recently.

Some of them were able to go to his grave that day. About 70 family members attended the reunion, but Hazel and her family were missed because Hazel had her hip surgery that day.

We hope Travis Morton is feeling better. He recently spent some time in the hospital in Lexington. He is home now, and we hope, recuperating and ‘on the mend’

Former Isom resident Paul Maggard recently died at Carlisle, and his funeral was held at Blair Branch Church on Oct. 1. Many family members, neighbors and old friends came to pay their respects and support his family. Our sympathy goes out to his wife, Agnes, his children, his brother Donald, and sister Genevive, and the rest of his family.

I was glad to see that Tim Blair had retired from the Army and is now working as an Army recruiter in Fort Knox. I know that his mother, Doreen Calhoun, will worry a little less about him and his family.

It was a bit chilly last Saturday for Blackey Day, but I heard quite a few say that they still had a nice time.

There was a reunion of Whitaker descendants held at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall last Saturday. The ladies who stopped by my shop said that it was a Doctor Little Whitaker’s family, who used to live and work at Blackey. I didn’t recall any of the family, but our older family members did.

The Letcher High School Class of 1979 will have its 30-year reunion on Oct. 17 at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall at Calvary College Campus. I hope they have a good turnout.

It’s hard to get caught up, so I think that this will be all for this week.

Except that I want to send my condolences to correspondent Oma Hatton and her family, with the loss of her husband, Clyde. May the Lord be with them during their sorrows.

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