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He doesn’t want to say it, but …

Struttin’ Time:

I hate to say I told you so, but …

Last week’s Struttin’ Time came out on Wednesday and the Kentucky elk hunt draw results were released on Saturday night, somewhere around. I didn’t have a thought about checking to see if I had won a tag, but then again, I never needed to. My smartphone and computer told me the answer.

As I sat watching AMC’s sort-of Western, “The Son,” (I am still a old Western fan, I admit. I even try to watch “The Lone Ranger” every week) my smartphone started going nuts. I knew many hunters were on Facebook or on my phone, unhappy with the results.

Sure enough, I looked and things were lit up. The posts followed what we had talked about in last week’s Struttin’ Time. Several borrowed my expression, “It is all about the money.” As I understand it, only two hunters from Letcher County had their names drawn — one for the rifle bull hunt and one for cow archery.

I didn’t see one post where anyone said a good thing about the draw. I had applied this year because a friend asked me to apply with him, hoping that at least one of the two of us might get our names drawn.

I have nothing bad to say about the draw itself, and there is no reason for me to think that any cheating goes on. The problem I have is with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s desire to turn our elk hunting into a money pit — selling elk permits to other states, letting the rich hunters buy places to hunt, making viewing areas for people to pay to see the elk. But things are working well for the department, so I foresee no changes there. And to be honest, I really don’t care, because I am beyond that stage.

I will just apply to hunt elk in some other state if I ever want to kill another nice bull. My money spends well there. In the meantime, sorry, fellows, but I told you so a week before the draw.

Here’s a tip of my hat to the ones who did get drawn. Have a fun and safe hunt, and good luck.

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