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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Head Start children come caroling joyfully


Elsie doesn’t have any news but wants to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy New Year.

Doris Ann Banks says that Clarence and Sara Ison are doing OK. Clarence is a lot better since his snake bite. Sara stayed in the hospital a few days, but is home now.

Josephine Banks is doing rehab at Letcher Manor.

Billie Ann Gilley is doing well in rehab, and hopes to get home this week.

Virginia Brown had a nice surprise call last week. Her niece Ethylyn Whitaker was coming for a visit. They are both 90, and had not had a chance to be together lately.

When they were children, Ethylyn spent many of her summer days on the farm with her grandparents Hop and Minerva Gibson, playing and working along with her young aunts. They had a good visit, catching up on family news and recalling the ‘good old days.’

We really appreciate her daughter and son-in-law Deanna and J. P. Foster for bringing her.

We had an extra-special treat while she was here. The Cowan Head Start children came caroling. Those kids can really sing, and did it so joyfully.

The cousins had their annual Christmas get-together at their Aunt Virginia’s. Only the locals were able to be there, so our number was small. We still had a good time doing our usual small gift exchange and used clothing swap. This year we added a cookie-making marathon.

Anna and Duane Yonts had a delicious dinner for Elsie Banks, Ella Preston, Virginia Brown, Linda Lucas, Carol and J.T. Caudill, and Doris Banks. We really appreciate their hospitality, the good food, and the fellowship.

The desserts seemed extra special, as she had Aunt Lou’s walnut cake, Aunt Beulah’s raisin cake, and home-canned white peaches from their own trees.

Randy and Eula Mae Brown’s three grandsons are visiting them this week. They seem to be enjoying the snow and the adventure of living without electricity.

Bennett and Elnora Welch visited with Doris one afternoon, and she shared some genealogy records. She had found that we have some common ancestors. He also shared some very interesting Wh itesburg High School history. They are very knowledgeable on both topics, and we appreciate this sharing.

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