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Health Department awaits info on second Letcher Countian to test positive for virusFree Access

Patient was tested at Shelby Valley drive-through site

A second Letcher Countian has tested positive for Covid-19, but Letcher County Health Department does not yet have the information it needs to contact the person and begin contact tracing.

Kentucky River District Health Department Director Scott Lockard said he assumes the person’s healthcare provider has been in contact with the patient with the results of the test. He said the department has a name, but does not have the positive lab results in hand that it needs to make contact.

“When a local provider does the test, they typically notify the local health department and we push the information up,” Lockard said. “The way they’re doing these Gravity Lab tests, is the information goes to Frankfort and they push it out to us.”

Lockard said he expects that information to reach the department early Monday morning.

“We will get the information and reach out to them,” Lockard said.

The person was tested at a drive-through testing site set up by the state and Kroger Health at Shelby Valley High School in Pike County for three days last week. It is the first time the Kentucky River District Health Department has had a person in its area to test positive at a mass testing event.

“The local health department is working to obtain the needed information to reach out to this individual and do the necessary contact tracing,” the District Health Department said in a statement on its Facebook page today (Sunday). “This will be the second confirmed case in Letcher County and the 15th case for the area served by the KY River District Health Department.”

Anyone who took the test last week should check The Little Clinic patient portal for test results. Persons who were tested at the site should have received an email from The Little Clinic LLC with instructions on how to logon and check their test results.

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