Whitesburg KY

Heard from good friends

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and I hope doing more than I’ve been doing.

I don’t seem to ever get caught up on things that I should be doing. It could be I like sitting on my porch too much with the cool breeze from my apple tree. I like it even better when someone comes by.

My sister Betty Tyree came by yesterday and we had a good visit. She doesn’t get to come often. She has obligations at home. Her husband is doing much better now, and I’m glad.

It was good talking to Bertha (Page) Dye today. She has some health problems like about everyone else and doesn’t get out to go much.

It was good to hear from Vickie Underwood in Ohio. Thank you, Vickie, for the pretty Easter card you sent me. She is so thoughtful. I wish I was. I forget things and let them go. Maybe when I get older I’ll do better. Oh yeah!!

I called my cousin, Ruby Howard, the other day and we’ve always got things to say. I enjoy talking to her. Hello again, Ruby, and I hope you are feeling better.

I went to Cram Creek Church on Wednesday to see their Easter play. I think everyone around was there. It was the best one I had ever seen. It was all about the life of Jesus from His birth to His death. There were a lot of tears there. It seemed real.

I’ve been doing some outside work in my yard. I can’t ever remember to put gloves on, and everything I touch makes a bruise. Looks about like I’ve been in a fight and lost the battle, but, no, I’m a coward!


I’m looking forward to going to my church tomorrow (Sunday). It’s a special day and I love seeing all the children all dressed up and going later to hunt Easter eggs.

I hope Alberta and Jerry Barker are doing O.K. I think he was going to have surgery and I hope it’s over and he’s O.K.

I hope Glenora Eldridge had a good, happy Easter and maybe had company. I’d love to see her. One of my sons lives in Ashland and he said that was about a two-hour drive from him and maybe sometime he would take me to see her. I’d like that.

I really enjoyed Rose Ballard’s visit and sitting on my porch and talking about old times, the good times and the bad times. I’ve had hard times growing up, but the good times outweigh the bad times and I’ve always managed to be happy most of the time and still do.

My son Rob is in Lexington for a big Easter and they will be having all his children and grandchildren and all their family at his son Dr. Kevin Hatton’s home in Lexington. I’m sure they will have a great time. I’m happy for them.

I was pleased to have Kevin Day and Wendy and their sons Rocky and Larry Kevin, “L.K.D.” as he calls himself now and he says he’s going to take his dad’s job at the radio station. I sure enjoyed their visit sitting on my porch.

I’d like to say hello and happy Easter to Maggie Cook. That’s her favorite and biggest holiday. She has everywhere decorated with pretty decorations and it’s so pretty. I saw it a long time ago. I hope she’s up to doing it this year with her family. I haven’t seen Maggie in a while. I’ve always liked Maggie.

Dorthy Tacket called me the other day. She told me she had a dogwood tree that had never bloomed and this year it’s got pink bloom. She said she would send me a picture so I could put it in the paper. She was pleased to death. I wish we could see each other more. Not many of our old friends are still with us.

I’ve had a good week, seen or heard from a lot of my friends. Sometimes I go to a store just to see and speak to people and get to know them. I like people and I guess I act like a friendly puppy sometimes.

I guess I better stop here before I really get silly and let everyone know it.

May God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere if you are able. It will help you with your life and make you a much happier person.

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