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Heat didn’t stop kids playing outdoors

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is staying cool since it seems to be extra hot everywhere. I only have window air in my living room. I haven’t actually used the setting that says air, as I’ve kept it on fan and the temperature is set on 74. I can’t stand the cold air on my broken ankle.

My son Keith has a portable air conditioner in his bedroom that has been a blessing for him. Keith works in construction and that means he works in the heat, no matter how high the temperature, and the cold of the winter. I have really worried about him this past couple of weeks.

Keith drinks PowerAde. I nagged him about needing to drink water while working in these hot temperatures. Keith began having leg cramps at night, and he checked on the computer what caused them. He found out that dehydration would cause leg cramps, not drinking enough water. Yes, I had to almost laugh as I had been telling him he needed to drink water!

Sunday afternoon, I ventured to the back deck and sat under the umbrella for a while. There was a tropicallike breeze blowing, and it felt so good just be out in the fresh air.

As I sat on the deck with the soft breeze caressing my tired body, I thought of the years of Daddy and Mommy never having air conditioning, not even a fan to circulate the air. Mom opened the windows, which didn’t even have screens, and she left the doors open too, again no screen doors.

The kids played outside no matter how hot it was. We would find a shade tree, or head for the river to get cooled off. It is a wonder that there weren’t any drownings in that small river at Roxana, as kids would play in it without supervision. At the mouth of Mill Branch was a very deep swimming hole that was very dangerous.

There’s something that is bothering me that I don’t know what to do about it. We take so much for granted when we are able to get around and do things by ourselves. I have never thought too much about business places such as restaurants not having handicap accessible doors until my daughter Kay Gray took me to Panera’s for lunch.

Kay had to turn the wheelchair backwards to open the door so she could get the wheelchair into the building. Getting to the bathroom by myself was very difficult as the door was so heavy. Even without being handicapped that door is almost impossible to open.

A friend and I went to Frisch’s and it is the same thing, no handicap accessible door. As I said I had never given any thought to this until I have experienced it firsthand.

At least my predicament was short term, as I am no longer using the wheelchair. My ankle is still swelling really badly, and I have to elevate it several times a day and place a pack frozen vegetables on it, which makes it ache.

If the insurance ever pays my car off, I would like to look for another car. Vicki Power took me to a local dealer and I looked at a Chevrolet Sonic. I really liked it as it is a small car, until the salesman said there’s no key to start the car. You touch it with your finger, plus other things too detailed for me.

The automobile industry is going too far as I am concerned. They keep putting more things and we have no choice than to buy it.

I really wasn’t crazy about the Hyundai that I had purchased. Before I buy a car without an ignition, I may just buy another Hyundai. If I do I will go to another dealer.

I am so tired of smart phones controlling everything. I am tired of people trying to cram a smart phone down my throat. I am satisfied with my small flip phone. To me, if people put their attention to other things than a blasted phone the world would be a much better place. I’ve observed children trying to get their parents’ attention. Oh what am I saying? Phones are used as a babysitter.

We never had a telephone in my growing-up years at Roxana. I remember a few people that did, George and Minnie Whitaker, along with Jeff and Hessie Whitaker. Of course Junior and Bernice Adams along with J. C. and Ora Burke had telephones as they had stores.

The Osborne Bros Festival is July 31 to Aug. 3. at Hyden. I was planning on going this year as I enjoyed it so much last year. Well, thanks to someone who changed my plans, it doesn’t look as if I will be there.

Sunrise Ridge Band will be performing at the festival on Saturday along with another favorite band of mine, Larry Efaw & Bluegrass Mountaineers.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are trying to stay as cool as possible. Belated happy birthday to Johnny and Ann’s daughter Carol Dieckman, who celebrated a birthday this week.

Carol has a favorite restaurant in Newport, and several of the family gathered there for a nice time together. Gary Calihan made sure that Johnny and Ann attended this special event. Ann is having quite a bit of pain due to an injury on her leg. It seems Ann is like me; we go from one thing to another.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner. I am sure they are enjoying plenty of produce from their garden.

Vicki Power gave me a couple of tomatoes from her garden. Yes, I ate a bite or two. As much as I have wanted this, it seemed like there wasn’t any taste to me.

Well, I need to get this on its way. My wrist and my ankle have decided to give me problems at the present time.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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