Whitesburg KY

Heavy rain causes power outages

Hello everyone. I hope all had a wonderful Independence Day and a great weekend.

The rain caused us not to see the fireworks. When I miss fireworks I just say “next year.”

We have had a busy week. It was hard keeping the days straight. Luckily I have the phone to give me the day and the date. I’m hoping I keep up with the days better this week.

I did leave one name off the list for the Gibson family reunion. David Lee Day was there and I didn’t have him down.

My cousin, Kathy LeMonte of Clinton, Miss., stayed the week before and the week after the reunion. She left early Saturday morning to head home. They had an uneventful trip home, which is always good. She had Sarah LaMonte, Emma Phillips, and Ava Phillips traveling with her.

Landon Harris of Lexington spent a week with his great-grandparents, Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan. I heard he had a good time.

Susan and Waldo Stamper of Lexington stayed at their place on Little Cowan for several days this week. Susan and Waldo along with Bob Caudill, Earlene Williams, Marsha and Carl Banks visited Stevie Stamper at the Letcher County Rehabilitation Center. Stevie is Waldo’s cousin. They had a good time together.

Aunt Susan invited her nieces over one afternoon. Kathy LaMonte, Debbie Vice, and I spent time with Aunt Susan. We had a really good visit. We want to do this again sometime.

Debbie and Jeff Vice, John and Faye Campbell, and Mike and I went to Black Sheep Pizza at the Hemphill Senior Center for dinner on Friday night. There was music provided by Justin Sumpter. He was good and the pizza was delicious. Debbie, Jeff, Mike and I ate at StreetSide one night for dinner. On Saturday night, John, Faye, Mike and I ate at Crooked Road Barbeque in Pound, Va.

With all the rain that has happened, Kingdom Come had a lot of flooding. Debbie and Jeff Vice had their culvert come up and flow down the yard. When the rain stopped they were able to get it put out of the way. They were without power most of the time they were here. There were two incidents of power outage and both lasted nearly 12 hours each time.

John Campbell killed a copperhead Saturday night right after we left their house. As we were driving away, Mike said it felt like a snake night.

Mike picked our first three ripe tomatoes. We ate one on Sunday and it was great. We have a lot of green tomatoes on the vines and they will probably all ripen at the same time.

Our truck is in the shop getting the dent fixed and we have a rental truck. Enterprise came to the body shop to pick us up and I went to get in the back seat. This is a big truck and I couldn’t get in. Mike had to push my backside to get me in. I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty sight. To get in the front seat, Mike has to give me his hand and pull me in. I am looking forward to getting our truck back. I have a hard time getting in the front, but I can do it. Being short does cause dilemmas at times.

Allissa Fields had to spend several hours at the emergency room on Sunday evening. She sprained her arm playing basketball and there was a fear of the arm being broken. Allissa is the daughter of Rachel and Chris Fields. Malachi and Isaiah, the sons of Rachel and Chris, have been on a cow farm in South Carolina this summer. They are learning to use farm equipment and to herd cattle. They are having a good time with Rachel’s cousin.

The social media quote of the week is: When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “Why Me?” say “Try Me.”

If you have any news for the Cowan News article, please email me at cowannews@aol.com. Have a great week.

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