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Help needed in fight for Black Lung benefits

I am a coal miner’s widow. My husband worked as an underground coal miner for 32 years. He was disabled from breathing coal mine dust.

The reason I am writing is to inform all coal miners that Obamacare made changes in the Black Lung Benefits law that helped disabled miners and widows. The law says that a miner who worked 15 years and is disabled by a breathing impairment is presumed to be disabled by J1ack lung and if the miner is deceased, it is presumed that black lung contributed to cause his death. The law also says that if a coal miner was receiving black lung benefits, when he dies his widow automatically continues to receive black lung benefits.

There is talk that Obamacare may be repealed. If Obamacare is repealed, the changes to the Black Lung Law may be done away with. Then it will be harder for disabled miners and widows to get black lung benefits.

I encourage everyone to call their representatives in Congress at (202)224-3121 and tell them to save the Black Lung Benefits part of Obamacare.


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