Whitesburg KY


HELP WANTED — Security guards wanted for Pike, Letcher, Floyd and Knott county. Starting at $7 per hour and insurance. Please call 633-3798. (6-18-ufn)

VICCO DENTAL CENTER — Education Center is now offering training for dental assisting. Classes begin April 11, 2009, will be held every other Saturday, and will end on May 23, 2009. Limited space available. All materials provided. Registration fee is $850, due in full by April 11, 2009. For more information call 606-476- 8121. (3-18-2b)

TWO HOUSEHOLDS — Looking for a weekly housekeeper. Must be drug-free and have references. If interested, please call 606-633- 2687 and leave a message. (3-18-2pc)

WE NEED — Experienced caregivers, preferably certified CNAs – CMTs, to work with an elderly man in Roxana. Interested individuals will assist with personal care, bathing and grooming, incognizance care, transferring medications, housekeeping and laundry. Must be capable of maintaining excellent hygiene. References required. Interested individuals should call after 8:30 p.m. 606-633-2771 or 606-633-8178. (3-18- 2b)

INDEPENDENT REFERENCE LAB — Seeking an experienced part-time phlebotomist for the Pike- Knott-Perry County areas. 2-3 years phlebotomy experience required. Competitive wages, early dayshift hours, Monday-Friday. If interested, please call Traci Covey at Forcht Diagnostic Laboratory, 859-335-0970, or fax a resume to 859-335- 0927. (3-25-4b)

EXPERIENCED GRILL COOK — And cashier wanted at Suzy’s Dairy Bar in Mayking. Must pass drug test. Bring resume, no phone calls accepted. (3-25-2b)

CROWN MEDICAL MANAGEMENT GROUP — Seeking experienced billing clerks for a growing medical billing group. Experience is necessary. We offer competitive pay and benefits. Please email resumes to jobs@crownmmg.com or mail them to PO Box 899, Hazard, KY 41702. Any questions, please call 606-487- 0691. (3-25-2b)

Happy spring, everyone! Things are sure looking mighty pretty around here about now, and my lilac bushes are really showing green. I can feel it in my bones and breathe the clean fresh air that is about to bust out! My feet are once again itching to walk on the good old mountain soil of eastern Kentucky.

My friend, Vickie Power, and I set out on our usual weekend adventure, and this time I decided to take her to Rabbit Hash. This was the first time I have ever had trouble using Mapquest on the computer.The directions couldn’t have been more misleading. I found it by asking someone how to get there. I did a U-turn at a stop sign and as I started to ask a truck driver for directions, he asked me if I was lost, and I asked why would he think that.

He laughed and said I was driving holding a piece of paper on the steering wheel and doing a quick Uturn. After we quit laughing he proceeded to tell me how to go. I still got lost since the road signs were down.

Vickie and I stopped at a BP service station to ask for directions. The man behind the counter could not speak any English, but someone did tell us how to get to Rabbit Hash. We finally found Rabbit Hash. I had been there once before, this will be my last. This place has really gone down. We stayed for a while looking in a couple of buildings that really didn’t have that much that interested us, and we left.

Vickie and I took another short trip. Vickie had never been across the Anderson ferry so we rode the ferry across the mighty Ohio River. I drove along the river on Route 8 for a very short distance, then we headed back on Route 8 through Bromley and Ludlow. We went to Devou Park that overlooks the Ohio River, and you can see forever from this park.

We sat on the picnic table just enjoying the view for some time, then I drove down through the Covington. We found the street that led to the Mike Fink Floating Restaurant. Once again we sat on a park bench enjoying a close-up of the Ohio River. We took a walk, and saw a bridge where people were walking across to Cincinnati, so Vickie and I walked across the blue bridge, and then walked back. There were several small tents made of blue tarpaulin along the Ohio River with homeless people, close to the old Riverfront Stadium.

As I drove across the suspension bridge towards home, I told Vickie this was the fourth time in one day we had crossed the Ohio River. I hadn’t walked across the Ohio since I took two of my grandchildren, Jennifer and C. J. Gray. when they were little, and that has been about 18 years ago.

I still wasn’t ready to call it a day, so we drove to the place where my granddaughter, Jodi Gray, works at LaRosa’s in Western Hills. After our meal we went to visit my daughter, Kay Gray, for a while.

When we got to my house we found something we weren’t expecting. Someone decided they didn’t have anything to do but damage a car. We found Vickie’s window was broken out of her car, and the side mirror also. I later found a golf ball that was laying where her car had been parked.

I cleaned the glass out for her as she was very upset, and I taped the window up for her, put a towel so she wouldn’t get slivers of glass in case there was some I missed. She had the window and mirror replaced with a $50 deduction. All because someone didn’t have anything to do but damage a person’s car. Vickie sure didn’t need this as she has lost enough this past year.

My daughter Kay Gray, and her friend, Lisa Wissel, are spending a few days in Destin, Fla.

My granddaughter, Jennifer Proctor, and her two children Samantha Jo and T. J. Proctor, are taking a trip to Stafford, Va. Jennifer is driving. I really hate to see her go with the children, as it is about a nine-hour drive. If I wasn’t taking care of my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold I would be tempted to go with her.

My daughter, Angie Wiederhold, fell down someone’s steps while on a job and hasn’t worked this week. I have stayed with Bennie a few times in the afternoon while Angie had things to do. I rather be home taking care of Bennie. I really enjoyed having Bennie and my two-yearold great-grandson, T. J. It was like having twins. With Kay in Florida I have been the fill-in baby-sitter for Jennifer. Sami and T. J. are really good children.

I talked to Ann Calihan, and all is well with her and Johnny and the family.

Hattie Calihan Taylor of Georgia, I owe you an apology. You wrote me a letter in January, and evidently I had started to open it and read it. Somehow my attention got diverted and when I found it, it was partially opened and of course unread. I laid a stack of papers on it. I do hope 2009 will be a lot better year for you and me both!

If I don’t lose some of this weight it is going to get the best of me. I keep saying I am going to start walking and I don’t.

Shirley Wells hasn’t been feeling too well lately, though Shirley and two of her daughters did take a weekend vacation. They really had a good time.

Gwen Huff Farmer is anxiously waiting for spring so she can get in the garden again.

I haven’t heard from Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly. I bet they are having fun and not thinking of me at all.

Hello, Martha Breeding of Johnson Fork. I enjoy reading about you on Myspace. It is amazing to me to turn on the computer and be in touch with so many people. Even Annabelle Wright has a computer now.

I had an email from Stella Dixon saying she enjoys my column in The Mountain Eagle. She knew my uncles, Ted and James Adams, and their families

A great big hello to my brother, Richie Hall. Wanda has been busy painting and fixing things up. I wish she would send me some of her energy!

Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall and all their friends who read my column.

Willa Mae Boggs, I hope this finds you and Carl doing all right. Maybe in a couple of months I will get to head for the mountains.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day for me so until next time, Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.

Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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