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Helping the Canadians in rescue operations

When things heated up during the Berlin Airlift, 30 of our men of the Air Sea Rescue Service at Langley Fields, Va., traveled to Canada to train alongside and to strengthen partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force Search-and-Rescue technicians and their support personnel.

The purpose of the training was to work with the Canadians, see how they do business, show them how we do business and just have a great exercise.

Two great countries that share control of airspace and maritime domain access, working hand in hand and lockstep, not only to ensure the security of our two great countries, but to look after the safety of their citizens.

We demonstrated the commitment and the ability to do search and rescue in the north.

We learned a lot from training with our Canadian counterparts and we had the highest respect for them. Rescue airmen from both sides of the longest unprotected border in the world built and fostered positive working relationship with each other while sharing tactics, techniques and procedures.

It’s imperative in this day and age that we get together and learn each other’s skills and find out some of the weakness in the systems where we can improve. It’s important for us to gather as much information as possible and train together so we’re on the same page.

The exercise was a huge success, but this old Kentucky boy froze his buns off the five days we were there.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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