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Hemphill’s Black Sheep Bakery has record week of sales


Check out our websites: www.blacksheepbrickoven.org and www.hemphillcenter.org and our Facebook pages please.

A new video about Black Sheep Bakery was posted on Saturday on Freethink.com.

Watch it when you can, please, or watch it on YouTube. We sound country as cornbread. Lol. This is the link: www.youtube.com/ watch?v=IbK7edxgEdI.

We had a record week of sales. We could not be more pleased. Our t-shirts are selling well too. Thanks to all who were long-suffering with us as we filled orders. Our little flock was hopping trying to get it right but we are human and subject to fail. We apologize if you had to wait long or if something was missing. We stand by our work and our products. We will make every effort to please you. We really care.

Our bills are getting caught up as they typically fall behind in the winter with the large electric bills. Thank you to MACED who suspended the payment on the solar panels till June because of the pandemic. That helped us out a lot too.

Success stories among our little flock abound. Just ask them when you see them. Their clean time keeps growing. We are so very glad for them. They are a blessing in our community.

We posted a flyer on Facebook for the summer feeding program. We will partner with CANE Kitchen, Cowan Community Center, and other Letcher County Culture Hub partners to try to make sure the children are fed this summer. If you have children in your family who are 18 and under, get on Facebook, find that link, and register please. Food will be delivered for pick up in your community.

Don’t forget if you want to ensure you get what you need please call and place an order with us by Monday evening the week you need it. That way we will have a heads up and can plan our week for maximum efficiency to make your request. We want our products to be fresh so we do not make things days ahead. We do not use preservatives therefore we cannot make things much ahead. Our GMO-free products are made by hand the ancient way. Our breads and pastries take all day to make. Many of them are made from fermentation methods that take 24 hours or more.

Holiday mornings we will always be open from 8 a.m. to noon to allow folks to pick up special orders and things we have on hand. Please do not try to order online. We cannot check messages if we are really busy. Call (971) 867-4337 to order, please. If there is no answer call back please. We do not have call waiting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Weekly Quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world. –Mahatma Gandhi

Stay safe and sound! We will make it through this with the help of God and our leaders. Cooperation and extreme care are what it takes. See you soon!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:21-23.

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