Whitesburg KY

Here are some pet peeves

I reckon I will write about some of my pet peeves again, and probably step on a few toes again also.

The first one I can think of is tailgaters. You know, those idiots out there on the highway who ride your bumper so close you can’t even see their headlights in the rearview mirror.

I guess they want the driver they are tailgating to just vanish so they can get to wherever they are going that much quicker, but really all they are doing is creating danger for other driving citizens as well as themselves.

Another pet peeve is one or more downing their mother-in-law or father in-law because they don’t see things as they do. I had the best motherin law and father-in-law anyone could hope for, and I resent these sort of derogatory remarks.

Another pet peeve is men or women bragging about what they do in the bedroom, which is supposed to be a private sanctuary. And it sure isn’t if they get out and broadcast it.

Another is drivers who will exceed the legal speed limit to pass you, only to exit onto another road a short distance after passing.

Another pet peeve is to hear people down our law enforcement people, especially our troopers. There are a few sour apples in every barrel, but don’t discard the whole bunch because of a few.

All in all, I think they do a fine job, considering what they have to contend with and they are human like everyone else.

As an example, I was in the checkout line at Walmart in Hazard awhile back, and there was a long line at every register except one with a lone trooper checking out.

So that is the lane I picked, I guess because the other people were avoiding him like he had the plague.

I seldom ever forget a face, and there was something vaguely familiar about him.

I struck up a conversation with him and we had a short but sensible change of information. After a bit he knew my background and I knew his. I don’t know that I had ever seen him before, but I did know his father and grandfather, so it is a small world.

I knew his relatives in the late ‘50s, which was a long time ago, since I am getting older awful fast.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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