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Here is a tip

• “ To keep sneakers from smelling up a closet, tuck a sheet of fabric-softener into each one. Keep it in overnight, or just leave it there until you wear your shoes again.” — D.F. in Texas

• Now is the time to prep your outside pipes if you live in a cold-weather area. Cover exposed spigots with a foam wrapper, and be sure to drain any in-ground irrigation systems if you expect a freeze in your area.

• If your brown sugar is too hard, just pop it in a bowl and into the microwave with a slice of bread. The bread will help soften it, and it will be ready to use in seconds!

• “If you pack your lunch at night, but forget it in the morning, try putting your keys next to your lunchbox in the fridge. Can’t leave without lunch now.” — M.L. in Georgia

• “When organizing a garage sale, get the kids involved. They can clean out their rooms and create a kids’ store to sell their stuff for extra cash. If they aren’t into selling the toys they have outgrown, maybe they can run a lemonade or hot chocolate stand, weather permitting.” — E.S. in North Carolina

• “With so many people getting deliveries these days, I always check with my neighbors when I need a box to mail something. They usually have something perfect.” — S.W. in Tennessee

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