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Here’s a free ‘introduction’ to mailing success

Whether you are starting a new company or your business has been around for decades, mail can still be a valuable tool for reaching potential new customers.

To help you get the greatest value from the mail, the Postal Service has prepared An Introduction to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations. This handy guide gives small- to mediumsized business mailers and organizations easy-to-follow information on:

• Retail mailing services – This section explains the different choices available to customers who present their mail at the retail counter. This section includes information on how to choose a mailing service, extra services that can increase the value and effectiveness of the mail, how to select a postage payment method, and how to prepare and address your mail.

• Discount mailing services – This section explains how to choose between discount and retail mailing services, how to choose the right mailing service provider, and how to prepare, sort, and enter your mailpieces to save money and guarantee quality service.

• Online mailing services – Many businesses are using the mail without ever leaving the office, with NetPost Mailing Online. This section explains the advantages of designing, addressing, and ordering your mail online. It also tells you how look up ZIP Codes online, calculate postage, print shipping labels, and more – all using your computer and the award-winning Postal Service web site, www.usps.com.

The introduction also provides information on using Business Reply Mail, mailing for nonprofit organizations and more. For most start-up businesses or organizations, this publication will be a very valuable tool.

Your local post office or business mail entry unit has copies of the guide available for free to customers. You may also download a copy from the Postal Service web site. Just go to http:// pe.usps.com, look under Domestic Mail, and click on “An Introduction to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations.”

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