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Here’s a tip

• Take a bit of time to prep healthy snacks on a Sunday, and you’ll be able to just grab them throughout the week. Some examples are baby carrots, mixed nuts, pretzels or cut-up fruit.

• Probiotics like those found in yogurt can help keep your digestive system in line when travelling. Have a yogurt a day to keep trouble away.

• If you have issues with seasonal allergies or dry skin, consider the humidity in your home. Run a dehumidifier to prevent dust mite allergies from flaring in winter, but use a humidifier if dry skin is your nemesis.

• Spilled water on your favorite book? Separate each page with wax paper to keep the pages from sticking while it dries out.

• I still have some gift cards left from the holidays. To keep track of the amount I’ve spend and what’s left on the gift cards, I write the balance directly on the card with a permanent marker. Avoid the barcode area, and you can write whatever you like on the card without ruining it. — T.E. in Kansas

• Got greasy stains on your shirt? Rub in some baking soda before washing in the hottest water possible for the fabric. The baking soda draws the oil out and away from the fabric.

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