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Here’s a tip

• “Need a great shave? Fancy shave gels and foams can be expensive. Get a bottle of inexpensive hair conditioner. These usually cost less than a dollar, and you get months of use from one bottle.” E.L. in California

• Scrub residual smell out of a wooden spoon by using a baking soda and water paste, then soaking in baking soda laced water for 15-20 minutes. Wash and let dry as usual. Replace wooden spoons that are split or cracked.

• “To help sports protective equipment last longer between washings, fill a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol or vodka. Spray sweaty pads and hang on pants hangers to dry. Wash weekly if possible. Never store sweaty pads in your gear bag.” — A.A. via email

• Keep a bowl of sunglasses by the door or a bag of them in the car. Sunglasses can be gotten cheaply at dollar stores and the like, and replaced often if scratched. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns, but they are more than a fashion statement — they protect your eyes from squinting and glares.

• Have a favorite mug but the handle has broken off? Use it as a pencil holder on your desk, or plant a small plant in it, and keep it on your windowsill.

• “Save leftover condiment packets from fast-food and takeout orders to use in lunchboxes and picnics. Mayonnaise and mustard are especially useful for sandwiches, and barbecue sauce is great when we do a fried chicken picnic. It’s better than packing a bottle!” — Y.E. in Alabama

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