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Here’s a tip

• “Spring sports are in full swing for us, and we definitely still use the slow cooker. I often double recipes to freeze when I cook. When the recipe allows, I thaw the dinners for the week in the fridge. After school but before sports, I put the thawed meal in the slow cooker to heat up while we’re out. It works great for spaghetti sauce with meatballs, cooked chicken, meatloaf or cube steak and stews, etc. Coming home to a warm, almost-ready meal is a blessing after being out on the field. We’re usually starved.” — E.I. in New York

• Things from the kitchen you can add to your vegetable garden: leftover chamomile tea, black tea leaves, coffee grounds, banana skins, the water left behind when cooking vegetables, etc. Also, look up how to make your own compost pile. It does not have to be big! You can find information on the Internet or at the library.

• “My mom bought me a beauty blender — a foam makeup brush that’s really good for contouring and blending. Then my grandma saw it rolling around my vanity, dropping on the floor (gross). She gave me an egg cup to use. I’ve never used one for eating a boiled egg, but it fits my makeup brush perfectly!” — J.J. in Florida

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