Whitesburg KY

Here’s a tip


• “ Dust from the top down, and clean walls from the bottom up. Dust falls, so by the time you get to the bottom, you’ve got it all, but drips are easier to clean off when the wall is already clean.” — I.M. in Ohio

• Here’s how to ballpark the temperature of your camping fire for cooking. Arrange a cooking pot over the fire. A Dutch oven works best. Hold your hand about even with the side. Beginning at 550, count backward by 50 — i.e., 550, 500, 450. When you have to remove your hand, you’ll have an approximate temperature of the coals.

• “Got a great pair of jeans with a zipper that just won’t stay up? Try this fantastic fix. Take a metal ring (like the one on a keychain) and feed it through the zipper pull. Then zip up. When you get to the top, loop the metal ring around the button, then button up the jeans. That barn door is staying closed!” — S. in Oregon

• You can thread a needle better if you spray the thread end with hairspray. It stiffens the fiber, which will then stay straight.

• “After hand-washing an item, rather than wringing it out, place it between two towels and just run a rolling pin over the top towel.” — A.D. in New York

• Use an old lip brush to take care of stray nail polish mistakes when you’re painting your nails. It’s MUCH better than trying to use a cotton swab, since no strands of cotton get left behind. A lip brush is small and tight, so it can get into precision spots. You can use a cotton pad with a little nail polish remover on it to clean it up after you’re done.

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