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Here’s a tip

• “If you use storage bins for kids’ toys, help them stay organized by labeling the bins with illustrations or even printed and laminated photos of the contents. It will make clean-up time a cinch, even for the little tykes who can’t read yet!” — D. in Michigan

• Bobby pins are easily manageable in a magnetic container meant for paper clips. They are inexpensive and can be found at bigbox stores or at an officesupply store.

• Save and organize scrap yarn and embroidery threads on clothespins. Wind around and use the clip to hold the end in place. When you need some thread or yarn, you’ll be able to find the end quickly to get what you need.

• “Kids love getting water from the refrigerator dispenser, but we use far too many cups. Now, everybody has his or her own cup for water only, and we attached magnets to the cups so they live on the side of the fridge. Get water, drink, replace cup. Easy!” — A.L. in Alabama

• “Coil pipe cleaners around the outside of regular plastic hangers. They will keep tank tops and spaghetti straps from falling off the hanger.

• Plastic wrap, parchment paper and foil can be stored easily in the same cabinet as pots and pans if you line them up in a magazine holder.

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