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Here’s a tip

• If you use plastic grocery store bags to line a small garbage can, here’s a great way to keep them from falling into the bottom of the can: Use two Command hooks (they have a stick-on back) on either side of your trash can. Aim the hook toward the bottom of the can, so that the bag’s handles catch on it. This works great in our house!” — M.M. in Pennsylvania

• Use a binder clip to help your kitchen sponge stand up. That way, it will dry out better, as both sides will be exposed to the air instead of one lying flat. The sponge will collect less mildew, which is yucky. When it’s ready for a good wash, use the binder clip to secure it in the dishwasher.

• To remove dust and dirt that collect in the tracks of your windows, first use a hand vacuum to remove the big stuff, then dip a cotton swab in vinegar and run it along the edges to get out the rest.

• “I pinned a manila envelope on the wall behind my calendar. I pick up greeting cards well ahead of the occasion, and I slip them into the envelope. When I turn a new month, I fish out all the cards to be mailed that month, write my messages and add postage. They are ready to send! I love finding personal mail in my mailbox and not just bills and advertisements. I know my friends and family do too!” — P.C. in Washington

• Got an old T-shirt that you love but can’t really wear anymore? Maybe it’s too small or too big or has a stain, but you love the print. Sew the bottom shut, cut off the sleeves and widen the opening. Instant reusable shopping tote.

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