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Here’s a tip




• Hull strawberries quickly by pushing a straw through from the tip to the stem. • Ice cream will stay soft and scoopable if you put it in a zipper-top, freezer-safe storage bag before you tuck it away in the freezer. • Taco Tuesdays made easy: “Flip a muffin tin over so that the wells of the tin are poking up. Set your hard taco shells in between the wells to hold them up while you are filling them. You could even make a bunch of tacos this way and bring them to the table already made! Fun stuff.” — J.D. in Oregon • “ To make sure you don’t get any slipped stitches when you are interrupted while knitting or crocheting, just clip the work at the needle with a clothespin. It stays put, and you can pick it right back up after you are done taking a break.” — C.C. in Arkansas • If you love coffee, you’ll extra-love this tip: Freeze leftover hot coffee that has been slightly cooled. Then, use the ice cubes to cool down a piping hot cup, as a base for coffee milkshakes and in iced coffee drinks so they will not water down. Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.

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