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Here’s a tip

* When kneading dough for bread or pizza crust, spray your hands with nonstick cooking spray.

• “ To avoid a dirtysmelling hamper, place a single sheet of fabricsoftener in the bottom of your laundry closet, or in the hamper itself.” — R.L. in New York

• Need to safely carry a bow while you’re transporting a present? Place it inside a zip-lock sandwich bag, close partway, fill with air and seal. The bow will make it to your destination uncrushed, and you can stick it on at the last minute.

• Line junk drawers in the kitchen or bathroom with inexpensive sheets of cork board. Things don’t slide around as much, and you can even use pushpins or finishing nails lightly inserted into the cork to make custom compartments in the drawers.

• If you have trouble with dry shampoo because you have dark hair, look for one that is colored. Or try using dry shampoo at night to give it time to soak up oils and wear off.

• “Write your grocery shopping list on an envelope, so you can tuck coupons inside. Then you can have it all together at the checkout. I also put a sticky note on my debit card that says ‘COUPONS!’ Sometimes it’s the only way I remember to redeem them at checkout.” — A.A. in Florida

• To avoid unsightly flour marks on the outside of a cake, just dust the pan with a bit of your cake mix.

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