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Here’s a tip

• If you are chopping a lot of tomatoes and need to remove seeds, this tip will leave you spinning. Get out your salad spinner, add chopped tomatoes and give it a whirl!

• “When you are slicing flank steak or chicken breasts (anything you need to cut thin that has a lot of skin pieces or fat that make it hard to cut), try partially freezing the meat first. It defrosts quickly when it is cut thin, and it is much easier to slice.” — C.O. in Indiana

• Baby bottle drying racks can find a new life airing out reusable water bottles, many of which are better suited to hand-washing.

• Need to hang something on a wall? Here’s a trick to get your nails in just the right place. Use a dab of toothpaste on the back where the nails should go. Press against the wall. The toothpaste will leave behind a superb guide, which can be wiped right off the wall after the nail is in. Hang and admire!

• Make an eraser for your whiteboard marker by gluing a pompom on the end with a drop of hot glue. Use giftwrap tape to secure a small magnet to the side of the marker, and it’s ready to go up on the fridge with your dry-erase board.

• Use a Bundt pan to roast a chicken. Season and prepare your bird, then slip the bird upright on the center of the greased pan, cavity down. Fill the pan with veggies for a complete meal.

• “I store my loose charging cables in an eyeglass case in my purse. It all stays together, and the cords don’t get damaged or crimped.” — E. in Massachusetts

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