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Here’s a tip


• Have a squeaky door? Spray the hinge with cooking spray. Open and close the door a few times to work the spray into the hinge, and your squeak should disappear!

• To clean terra cotta pots for new plants, follow these steps: Use a plastic brush to remove large dirt chunks and stuck-on materials. Soak pots in a 25 percent vinegar solution for 20 minutes. Scrub with a plastic scrubbie and rinse. If all deposits are gone, clean with soapy water and put out to dry. If not, resoak in vinegar. Happy planting!

• Keep baby occupied at the table with this parenting trick: Add a little poster paint or finger paint to a gallon size zipper-top baggie. Close tightly, removing all air from bag. Tape edges to the table with masking tape. Now Junior can make patterns in the paint, essentially mess-free painting.

• “Magazine holders, placed on their side, make an excellent and useful set of shelves in a traditional freezer. Who hasn’t had the contents of their freezer tumble out because they removed something from the bottom of the pile? It’s much easier with these ‘shelves.’” — V.R. in Georgia

• If you spill glitter, don’t panic! Using a small hand broom, sweep up as much as you can. Then, bust out your lint roller. It will pick up those stubborn pieces that stick to floors. For anything that’s left over? Try enjoying the sparkle!

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