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• “Use an old, fine-tip paintbrush or makeup brush (natural bristles, not plastic) to remove mistakes in nail painting. Dip brush in remover, and paint around the edges of freshly painted nails to remove overpaint with precision. Make sure to rinse brush immediately, and mark it so that you don’t accidentally use it to apply makeup or anything.” — E.I. in Ohio

• To “hang” a sturdy file sorter inside a low cabinet, use stick-on hooks. You can use it to store cutting boards or pot lids. Also, when hung in a mid-level cabinet, you can create a wrap dispensing station with aluminum foil, waxed paper and plastic wrap.

• A dryer sheet can be used to safely clean dust from your TV screens.

• N. B. in Tennessee writes in response to using toothpaste to camouflage a nail hole in the wall: “I have found that white chalk is much better, because it hardens just like Sheetrock.” To use the chalk, make a paste from chalk shavings and water, and apply as you would spackle. Let dry 24 hours.

• “When traveling, let your host or hostess know of any serious health problems or allergies you may have, and what to do in case of an emergency.” — M.W. in Saskatchewan, Canada

• With spring in full swing, here’s a fun activity to keep the toddlers in your life occupied while you take care of the gardening. Give your kids a bucket of water and a paintbrush, and let them “paint” a wooden fence or even the side of a cementblock house.

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