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• “To keep light bulbs from sticking in the socket, apply petroleum jelly to the base of the bulb before screwing it into the fixture.” — B.D. in Virginia

• “Use the liner of cold cereal boxes as wax paper. It is much stronger than regular wax paper, and it doesn’t fall apart when it gets wet.” — S.S. in Minnesota

• Replace your pricey dryer sheets with a reusable alternative. To a jar with a wide mouth and tight-closing lid, add two to three dish sponges, and a 50-50 mix of liquid fabric softener and water. Cap jar and shake to distribute. When the washing is done and you have your clothes in the dryer, pull out a sponge, squeeze excess liquid back into the jar and pop the sponge into the dryer. When the clothes are dry, put the now-dry sponge back in the jar for the next time. Refill liquid as needed. This really extends your fabric softener!

• “I always keep a ‘toilet tote’ in my car when I travel. Inside the tote bag I put disposable gloves, a can of disinfecting spray, a container of bathroom wipes and a roll each of toilet paper and paper towels. This tote has helped me deal with all kinds of bathroom situations in gas stations and restaurants as well as hotels/motels.” — D.K. in New Jersey

• “When your baby goes from the bottle to a sippy cup, don’t throw away the bottle brush. It works great for the sippy cup as well.” — S.W. in Arkansas

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