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•“In a pinch, an old  fashioned all-metal vegetable peeler can double as a Phillips head screwdriver, possibly to tighten the handles on your kitchen cabinets (not that I ever do that).” — E.L. in Connecticut

• Don’t skimp on lip protection while out and about in the sun. Heat dries out your lips, and not many of us will apply sunscreen directly to the kisser. Look for a lip balm with an included SPF, and apply generously.

• Sunburn? Here are a few home remedies to try: Fill a spray bottle with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. Chill and spray often. Yogurt can be slathered on and is especially soothing on clothing lines, like on the shoulders or the buttocks. Just be careful where you sit! Let soothe and rinse off with room temperature or cool water. Raw honey has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, but must be covered with gauze or a thin cloth.

• “Save recyclable containers for kids to use in the sandbox. Mine love to play restaurant, and yogurt containers, frozen dinner plates and single-serving condiment cups make for fun when they are cleaned out.” —V.A. in Florida

• P.C., a snowbird from Maryland to Florida, writes in with his secret weapon for cooking corn on the cob: the microwave! “Trim each ear of corn on both ends, leave the husk on the cob and microwave it the amount of time you like (try 3-5 minutes). When it’s done, the husk and silk will come off with no problem.” Be sure you let the ears cool a bit first!

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