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Here’s a Tip



• If you have trouble telling black slacks from navy, here’s a tip from L.B in Iowa: “Put one small safety pin inside the front waistband of the black, and two small safety pins in the navy pair. This also shows the front at a glance, and in case of emergency, you have a pin to use.”

• “Dried out glue? Add a little vinegar and let it set a few days.” — C.J. in Idaho

• N.B. in Wisconsin clips puzzles out of his local paper and takes them to his local copy shop to get enlarged. Then he saves them to do with the grandkids when they visit. “They sure do love to come to Grandad’s house,” he says.

• “Wrap the lint from your dryer in 6 inches of wax paper. Roll it up and squish both ends. Now you have a perfect firestarter!” — M.K. in Michigan

• S.B. in Minnesota has this tip to keep metal skewers at the ready: “Instead of digging through my drawer looking for my skewers, here is how I keep them together. After you wash them and they are completely dry, wrap them in a piece of press-and-seal plastic wrap. The next time you need to use your skewers, they are in one place, neatly wrapped together.”

• If you have teens, they can help out by being responsible for dinner one night a week. This will teach them to be independent and let them make a contribution to the household. The bonus is that it’s one less night parents have to prep and plan!

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