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Heres a Tip



• “When packing for the kids to go to camp, here’s a tip we’ve used over and over again: Put all elements of each outfit (top, bottom, undergarments, socks, etc.) folded into a gallon-size zipper-close bag. I add a plastic grocery bag as well. Each day, the child puts on a fresh outfit, then puts yesterday’s clothes into the plastic grocery bag. You can tell what’s been worn, and it’s all ready at the start of day — no looking for socks or underwear!” — M.H. in North Carolina

• Keep your car’s back seat clean with a sheet. Drape a twin-size sheet over the back seat. Tuck in all around. Use scissors to make a small opening for the seat belts. Now dirt and crumbs will be contained in the sheet, and you can shake it off when you get to your destination or home! Works great for road trips and beach days.

• When Mom or Dad travels for work, it can be hard on the parent and kids staying home. Try this trick: Record yourself reading a story. The child can play the recording as he or she follows the story in the book. Or, make a video for younger kids.

• Need a quick travel cup or kids’ sippy cup? Use a plastic cup, then cover it with a square of plastic wrap secured with a rubber band. Finally, insert a straw through the plastic. There you go!

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