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• Freeze juice boxes to use as ice packs in a lunch box or cooler. No mess, and it makes a lovely slushy treat on a hot day.

• In our beach bag, we include a change of loosefitting, comfy clothes for each kid. We package them in a gallon-size zipper-top bag, and when they change, the wet suit goes right in the plastic bag. It’s better than having a big soggy, sandy mess in our beach bag, which often includes a book or magazine. — F.C. in Texas

• “When you come home from the grocery store, stack the meats in your freezer according to expected use. For instance, if you are going to have pork chops on Monday and fish on Friday, you’d want to put the pork chops on top of the fish. This way, you need not dig around for what you need to defrost. And make sure you wrap everything well.” — A.R. in Oregon

• Is your tire slowly losing air? Sometimes it can be hard to tell where it’s coming from. Use this tire-shop trick to find a puncture fast: Fill the tire with air, then squirt soapy water over the whole tire. Then, just wait; the air coming out of the tire will be trapped and form a nice little bubble!

• Got a comfy pair of outdoor shoes for gardening, but they’re fabric? Never fear — you might be able to waterproof them. Rub canvas shoes with beeswax and wipe away any excess. Water should bead up instead of sinking in, so you can wear your comfy shoes to do your gardening tasks without getting soggy feet.

• “Try the mild abrasion of toothpaste (not the gel kind) to remove the hazy film from old headlights. Simply rub on with a soft cloth and buff. Don’t press too hard.” — S.T. in Illinois

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