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• “For gorgeous biscuits, add a bit of sugar to your biscuit mix. They brown well and have lovely golden tops. To add depth to your sausage gravy, add a tablespoon of strong coffee just before serving. My granny did both of these, and her biscuits and gravy were famously good.” — J.R. in Alabama

• “ Tape pool noodles together to form a long line and secure across the width of your backyard pool to partition off an area just for the little kids. It’s not about safety, since you should be watching your kids every minute. We do this so that the bigger kids — who like to splash and dive — don’t run into the littler ones who are just floating or practicing swimming.” — W.L. in Florida

• “When my children were little, they liked to do puzzles. We had quite a lot of them. So we wouldn’t get them mixed up, as soon as we opened the box, I would put a color on the back of all the pieces. Each puzzle had a different color, of course. It saved a of time and energy.” — P.H. in Pennsylvania

• “ How to bring the squeak and shine to glassware: Put 1 tablespoon of white vinegar into the water and dish soap. Try it and you’ll see it works!” — T.G. in New York

• Try a toilet brush from the dollar store to clean the gunk and dirt off your tires the next time you wash the car. It has stiff bristles that go in all directions, and a handy holder, to boot!

• Need to organize your ratchet wrenches? Use a tie rack or belt hanger and hang it off a nail on your shop wall.

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