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Here’s a tip By JOANN DERSON

• Place a small stick-on hook on the back of the high chair to hang baby’s bibs from. This is a great way to make sure a bib or even a small washcloth is right where you need it at all times.

• “Tape off a tile on the floor and give little kids a child-size broom. They can practice sweeping into the taped-off area.” — W.I. in Arkansas

• A large lidded cereal container makes a great water-tight trash can for the car. Line it with a bag and snap on the lid. When the pour spout is closed, even runny messes are contained.

• Stick a paperclip on the end of your tape roll. Never look for the end again.

• Sprinkles make things like whole-wheat pancakes or healthy smoothies seem more delicious. Add sprinkles and a smoothie seems more like a milkshake. (c) 2016 King Features Synd.

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