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Here’s a tip

• “Save egg cartons for children’s painting palettes. It’s very easy to give kids a small amount of many colors, and when they are each in their own cup, they don’t get spread out and run together as quickly. Plus, they are easy to carry.” — O.L. in Utah

• Remove price-tag residue off hard surfaces with hairspray. Or WD40 works well too.

• Make your own frozen dinners by purchasing divided trays and using them to store leftovers. Slip each into a plastic bag and label. On busy nights, you can take your favorite out and microwave it.

• “A beautiful but stained or worn tablecloth can find a new life at your dinner table. Cut into napkin sizes, and give any frayable ends a hemming.” — A.S. in Oregon

• Here’s a great winter tip that’s double purpose: After your dishwasher has done its job, open the door and let the dishes air dry rather than machine dry. You’ll save on energy, while you add warmth and humidity to your home’s air.

• A damp cloth plus baking soda should by your first weapon against stains in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s eco-friendly and a mild abrasive, which works without scratching!

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