Whitesburg KY

Here’s your chance to work on improving access to civil court system in Kentucky

To the Editor:

I have been named to the Kentucky Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to give citizens, and especially lower income citizens, better access to the civil courts in Kentucky. I will be attending a meeting of the Commission on May 9, and would like your help in taking substantive input to the meeting. I would appreciate it if you would email me if:

• You don’t understand how the courts work and have been hesitant to use the court system for that reason;

• You have met with any problems in accessing the courts to pursue righting a wrong (please include a summary of the difficulty or difficulties you met);

• You have any ideas for improving access to the courts in Kentucky (please include a brief summary of each idea):

• You perceive, for any reason, that the courts are unavailable to you (can’t afford an attorney, do not trust the system, would find it difficult to get to court, etc).

• Any other reason for perceived difficulty in accessing the court system.

If you do have thoughts to share with me, it would help if you could send them by May 2.

My email address is ngcornett@aol.com.

Please consider that any improvements we can make in this area will be a boon to nearly all Kentuckians. And thank you in advance for your help.


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