Whitesburg KY

Hey, I really did not know I was that old

About a month ago I was at my home and fell and hurt myself badly. A week later I fell again at my large house where I have lots of land.

My kids talked to me and asked me to check into a home here that takes care of older people who live alone and need help.

I’m here now in this home. They watch over me like a hawk, and do everything for me.

It’s my left knee that I hurt years ago, playing sports in the military. With me at 90 years old, it may be awhile before I get out.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to write some old war stories while I’m here. I’m not used to ladies coming to my door to see if I need anything.

I get many letters and calls from stateside and overseas about some of the stories I do in The Mountain Eagle.

I was sitting at a party for old people, and the lady sitting next to me said, “Son, do you know that most of the people in this building are over 100 years old?” She could not be talking about me. I’m not that old.

I had a large home, lots of land, and was living alone. My kids thought that I would get hurt because I always did what I wanted to do.

I told my kids to take me to the home and let me look it over. I liked the place. They have lots of folks who had been in the military, and that is my kind of people. They also play some sports.

So, I’ve been here 10 days. It’s sure not like the fast pace I’ve been used to all of my life.

I told the kids I’d try it out and let them know if I wanted to go back to my home.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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