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High electric bills present a hardship

PRICE WHITAKER was the night watchman at Marlowe in the 1940s.

PRICE WHITAKER was the night watchman at Marlowe in the 1940s.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

I hope someone missed me not having any news last week. I had my long-awaited surgery on my foot. I had been trying for months to get it done and the weather and other things kept me from getting it done. It’s doing fine and I have started getting around some. I’ve not had any problems with it so far.

I talked with Anna Watkins in Florida. She seemed to be doing better and also Juanita Proffit and Earl are about the same.

Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Ohio, called and told me her sister, Anne Vanderpoole of Williamsburg, was not doing well. I will try to call her soon and see if she’s doing better.

Everyone is very upset with their big power bill raising so much. I have a trailer that no one is living in. I have a refrigerator and a small deep freeze in it and my power bill was $126 with the heat turned off. I knew it wasn’t right and I called them. It didn’t do any good. I didn’t think it would. It’s really making a hardship on a lot of folks on low incomes, but I guess these big companies don’t care. Whitesburg

We have had a lot of deaths through this bad weather. One of our Marlowe girls, Margaret (Page) Caudill, died. She was the daughter of the late Caldonia and Ervin Page. They were all our good friends and I was so sorry I couldn’t go to the funeral because of my surgery and the snow. I talked with her sister Bertha Dye in Prestonsburg yesterday.

Our sympathy goes out to all the family and to the family of Maerine Short and also Jennetta Howard, whose brother Burl Niece died. I think he lived in Ohio. Our sympathy goes out to all the families. The bad weather kept a lot of the people from going to the funerals.

Kathy Palumbo, were you surprised that I recognized your picture made a long time ago? I knew that pretty smile.

Everett B. Vanover, I sure enjoyed reading your article, “If this old house could talk”. I’ve also visited some of the old places where we lived when I was a child. It sure brings back old memories. It almost made me cry.

Bennett Welch would like to know if anyone out there could give him any history of Riley Bentley; John Martin Bennett, who was a dentist in Neon and Whitesburg; and also G. Bennett Adams and J. L. Hayes. I think they were both judges a long time ago. He said they were graduated in 1916. They probably are all deceased by now or getting along in years.

Thank you, Alpha Sexton, for the old pictures of your mother, grandmother and aunt and your grandfather Price Whitaker. I knew all of them. The pictures are old.

We got snow Thursday night and I hope it doesn’t last long. I’m ready to get back out and go to church and get to see everyone. It has been nice talking to all of you on the phone, but I like to look people in the eye when I talk to them.

My sons Billy and Larry have both been in to visit me. That’s always good. I try to keep them in line and they try to keep me in line.

Thank you, Mable Absher, for the pretty birthday card and the pretty crocheted bookmark you made. It was so pretty.

Dorthy Tackett called and told me her brother Hugh Pennington was having some health problems. I sure hope he is doing better.

Louise Shepherd and Carol Day went to Lexington for doctor’s appointments and went on to Florence to visit Jerry Shepherd’s family.

Today is Sunday and I’m so happy to be getting to go to Sunday School and church again. I have missed that so bad because of the bad weather and my foot surgery, which has gone exceptionally well. I’m hoping to get my bandages off tomorrow. It hasn’t been painful at all, just sore and the big bandages have been bothersome.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. I know now how bad it is to have to miss.

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