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High School Life

We came for the hollers, the hills, and towns
And strolled to the stage in our caps and gowns.
Four years earlier, or one, it seems,
We arrived on the Hill with our dreads and dreams.
Naïve, not knowing what to expect,
We quickly learned who to respect.
Goebel Ritter and Pop Enlow
Soon let us know where not to go.
We could not smoke or touch girlfriends
Without their sticks on our tails and shins.
Classes were harder than in grade schools
And we had to study and follow the rules.
We made many new friends these greenhorn days,
The kinds of friends that are friends always.
We were silly the second year
And we had learned who not to fear.
Estep and Burkich could nice be,
And we all loved “Big Red” R.T.
Mrs. Combs, McCleese and Bonnie Day
Impressed us all along the way.
We were silly, but so were our friends,
And we wishes these days would never end.
Our junior year proved to be jolly.
We were full of fun with lots of folly.
Passes were carried in everyone’s jeans
And had been obtained by devious means.
Our teachers were friends instead of foe,
Jack Hammock, Trim, and Buddy Roe.
We had Mustang Sally and Lily Jane,
But the Gattons and Horns kept us sane.
Our coaches were Rader, Bates and Burton,
And they improved our lives, of this I am certain.
We owe all our teachers a special thanks
Including Wampler, Armstrong, and Banks.
We made more friends in this third year
That still are the friends we hold so dear.
In our senior year we were sophisticated
And very anxious to be graduated.
A few of our friends were now driving cars
While some of us courted in the Cardinal Bar.
At lunch we could leave the old School Hill
To the Yellowjacket or the Rainbow Grill.
Schoolwork this year was done in a zip,
Our attention was on our senior trip.
New York was fabulous with the World’s Fair,
Some of our guys had peroxide hair.
We rode to the top of the Empire State
Where the souvenir stand had too much bait.
Their inventory was soon erased, and
We could not leave ‘til it was replaced.
We tour our capital of Washington, D.C.,
Visited the monuments and the Treasury.
After our tours, we were soon back home
Realizing our schooldays would soon be gone.
The big day was coming and we were all glad,
But, while being excited, we were also sad.
We knew our carefree days were gone
And our parents expected us to be grown.
These four years had been a success
In preparing us to leave our nests.
We were now ready to face the world,
We had become men and women from boys and girls.
Our friendships deepened as we all grew,
To our friendships today that still are true.
Let’s thank each other for those friendships.
By Andreae Collins and Brenda Hannahs

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