Whitesburg KY

High speed chase ends after wreck near Isom

An Ice man is in the Letcher County Jail after a high-speed pursuit on KY 7 South that ended after his car slid into a ditch at Jeremiah.

According to court documents, Kentucky State Police Trooper Michael Burton was parked at the Isom Double Kwik about 10:15 p.m. Monday when he saw a tan, 2002 Ford Explorer pull into the station and noticed the driver was not wearing a seat belt. Burton wrote that he checked the registration and found it was expired, and then pulled in behind the SUV as it drove out of the parking lot onto KY 15, and turned on his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop it.

According to the citation, the vehicle pulled into the parking lot of Whitaker Bank as though it was going to stop, but then turned back onto the highway and turned down KY 7 South with Burton in pursuit, reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour and “pulling away from me.”

According to the citation, the driver attempted to turn into Spring Branch at high-speed, lost control and slid into a ditch. At that time, Burton said the driver jumped out of the car and ran. He chased the man down the railroad tracks on foot before he caught him and placed him under arrest, the citation says.

The driver was identified as Mark Bentley, 37, of 309 Ice Road, Whitesburg. He was charged with operating on a suspended or revoked license, improper passing, failure to notify address change to the Department of Transportation, failure to or improper signal, no registration plates, no registration receipt, failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance or security (first offense), failure to produce an insurance card, failure to wear seat belts, reckless driving, first-degree fleeing or evading police (motor vehicle) and second-degree fleeing or evading police (on foot), and speeding 15 miles over the limit.

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