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High waters close centers

Howdy. We Ermine senior citizens haven’t had but one day at our center this past week.

Monday we were out for Labor Day (I didn’t labor, did you?), then Tuesday no centers were open because of the high waters. Wednesday, yes, we were there, playing games and talking as usual, then Thursday we went to Virginia shopping.

No, we didn’t go to Hazard as we changed our minds about where to go. You know that’s women for you. We shopped at a lot of the stores and ate lunch at Bonanza restaurant.

Then Friday we went up Neon to Neon Day. First though, we went to Hemphill to the Miners Memorial. It was the first time our site manager Debbie Slone had gone there. She saw her dad’s name on the marker as he was killed in a mine (I don’t know the name of it). We then went back to Neon Day, where we saw the baby pageant.

All the children were beautiful. I know it was probably hard for the judges to pick the winners. Also, the Fleming-Neon School boys and girls did good with their poetry, then the gospel singer, Mr. Amburgey, was wonderful. They ate at the food booths and I brought a funnel cake home with me.

Well, a little gossip: Rhuford and Coleene Hart had been out of town for a few days. They said they were going to a family reunion, but I think they went on another honeymoon, don’t you all?

S.T. Wright went to a ball game with Sam. Who won, S.T.?

Thursday will be our Farewell Summer picnic at Fishpond Lake. We’re going to have lots of good food (I hope). Come and join us, you seniors, and have fun.

Then next week is Whitesburg Day and we’re going to go to that, then we have some other things planned for later in the month, but I can’t tell. No, don’t ask, as it’s a secret, and if I tell it won’t be a secret anymore. I’ll tell later, okay?

I just heard where Jerry and Vicky Collins, David and Debbie Slone were recently up Whitesburg at the 2K11 car show. They went out on the town. I hope you guys had a great time.

Hey all you senior citizens, come on and visit us at Ermine Center. We promise we’ll be good to you and treat you like family.

Saying so long for now. Stay good and pretty and God bless until next time.

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