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Highlights of F.N.H.S.




A party at the Fleming- Neon High School on Dec. 15 was sponsored by the Pep Club. Games were played and gifts exchanged. Acting as Santa Claus was Jack Amburgey.

The Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y gave a Christmas program in the auditorium of the Fleming-Neon High School. The two introductions were given by Joy Wright, Tri-Hi-Y president, and Joe Trinkle, president of the Hi-Y. Scripture reading was by Jimmie Preston and special singing was by the high school trio, Eunice Hale, Mary Jo Craft, and Jonelle Collier. Christmas in other lands was given by Buddy Curr (Italy), Dorothy Hush (French Canada), Carlie Tolliver (Germany) and Mary Little (Sweden). “My Idea of Christmas” was given by Johnny Welch as Service, Patsy Simms as Love, Roger Jackson as Unselfishness, June Cook as Giving, Bill Kindrick acted as Santa in the gift exchange. The Tri- Hi-Y made up a gift basket for some needy family to be given on Christmas Eve.

The Future Homemakers of America of Fleming- Neon High School made up a basket for some needy family in the community.



(The above article from the Dec. 22, 1949 Mountain Eagle)

Fleming P.T.A. select officers for current year

At a meeting Monday night at the Fleming-Neon School Library, the Fleming Neon Parents–Teachers Association elected the following officers: Mrs. Ed Kincer, president; Mrs. Charles Bradley, vice-president ; Mr. Roy T. Reasor, secretary; Mrs. A. E. Quinlan, treasurer.

The following were selected for the program committee: Mrs. Frank Ambrifi, chairman, Mrs. James Fleming, Mrs. Dick Craft, Miss Reeda Reasor, Mrs. Earnest Burklow, Mrs. Sylvester Allen, and Miss Anetha Reasor.

The membership committee is made up of the following: Mrs. S.H. Tucker, chairman, Mrs. Nat Craft, Mrs. Homer Skaggs, Mrs. Ova Spicer, Mrs. Margis Collier, and Mrs. Paul Broome.

The following were named to the carnival committee: Mrs. W.B. Hall, chariman, Miss Shirley Riley, Miss Joyce Clements, Mr. Eugent Fox, Mr. Hershel Boggs, Mr. Charles Bradle, Mr. Dick Craft, Mr. Ed Kincer, Mr. Bill Belt, Mrs. M. E. Dearing, and Mrs. Benton Wright.

Mrs. Harlan Wormsley, chairman, and Mrs. J. R. Mercer makeup the special investigating committee for national P.T.A. work.

(The above article from the Sept. 15, 1949 Mountain Eagle)

Fleming basketball game supports band

The Fleming-Neon basketball team defeaed a team made up of Fleming alumni Monday, Nov. 21. The final score was 51 to 28.

The proceeds of the game go toward support of the recently organized Fleming- Neon band. The amount was $121.93.

It is reported that the community is wholeheartedly behind the band project and that many other events are being planned to support the new organization.

(The above article from the Dec. 1, 1949 Mountain Eagle)

Pirates win second game of season by defeating Sevierville

The Fleming-Neon High Pirates defeated the Sevierville boys 20 to 6 for the Pirates’ second win of the current football season. In their opening game two weeks ago they defeated Prestonsburg 19 to 14.

Coach Labe Gregory’s boys defeated a much heavier team when they downed the Sevierville team and the final score was something of a surprise.

Scoring players for the Pirates were Burns, Stapleton, and Hall, with Trinkle and Tucker adding extra points. Outstanding lineman for Fleming was Bobby Ladd, while Kilby was the best for Sevierville. Staffle made the only marker for the losers.

Score by quarters was first quarter, Fleming 7, Sevierville 0; second quarter, Fleming 7, Sevierville 6; third quarter, Fleming 13, Sevierville 6; final quarter, Fleming 20, Sevierville 6.

The Pirates have their first home game of the season when they meet Belfry on the Fleming-Neon field Saturday, Sept. 17, at 8 p.m.

(The above article from the Sept. 15, 1949 Mountain Eagle)

A band has been organized at Fleming-Neon High School. Mr. G.T. Slusher of Roanoke, Va., is the director. Mr. Slusher has had 21 years experiece and is very capable.

The Future Homemakers of America Chapter at Fleming Hgh School attended Fleming Baptist Church Sunday in observance of the chapter’s Go-To-Church- Week.

(The above article from the Nov. 24, 1949 Mountain Eagle)

Class officers

President – Roger S. Jackson; Vice President – James L. Preston; Secretary – Lorna Jean Wright; Treasurer – Lenzy Royse. Motto – “Onward Ever, Backward Never”. Flower – Red Rose. Class Colors – Blue and White. Class Sponsor – Lillian F. Webb.

Class roll

Stella Beatrice Addington, Ellen Amburgey, Doris Ilene Anderson, Charles M. Belt, Mattie Jeannette Buck, Charles William Catron, Ivaleen Crase, Nadia Moselle Dempsey, Geraldine Gibson, James Gregory, Jr., Eunice Hale, William Wallace Hall, Lenore Hampton, Inis Honeycutt, Doris Ann Horn, McCoy Howard, Jr., Roger Sheridan Jackson, Fred Kincer, Alvin Hobert Kincer, Bobbie Jean Lewis, Frank Lewis, Mary Lenore Little, Janice Gay Meade, Donald Lee Nelson, Edith Marie Phillips, James Lee Preston, Janet YHvonne Quillen, Betty Sue Rash, Lenzy Royse, Jack Moran Stallard, Kathleen Tiller, Carley Gene Tolliver, Jerry Tucker, Bonnie Sue Vance, John Herbert Welch, Mary Ruth Wise, Lorna Jean Wright.

Graduation Program, High School Auditorium, Thursday, May 18, 1950. Willian B. Hall, Principal Presiding. Processional – Shirley Riley (At the Piano). Invocation – Rev. C. J. Tuggle (Pastor, Seco Methodist Church). Salutatory – Doris Ann Horn. Valedictory – Lorna Jean Wright. Music – Jack O. Hickman, Director – Band. Introduction of Speaker – William B. Hall. Address – Y.M.C.A. Sec. University of Ky. – Bart N. Peak. Piano Solo – Doris Ann Horn. Presentation of Diplomas – Martha Jane Potter (Supt. Letcher County Schools). Presentation of Awards – William B. Hall. Benediction – Bill Browning (Pastor, Neon Christian Church). Postlude – Shirley Riley (at the piano).

Baccalaureate Service, Sunday, May 14, 1950. Processional – Shirley Riley (At the Piano). Invocation – Rev. D. L. Bailey (Pastor Fleming Baptist Church). Hymn – “Holy, Holy, Holy” No. 56 – Audience. Choral – Bach – Band (Jack O. Hickman, Director). Senior Sermon – Rev. John R. Isascs. Benediction – Rev. Howard Coop (Pastor, Neon Methodist Church). Recessional- Shirley Riley (at the piano).

Fleming High has 328 enrolled for all-time record

The Neon- Fleming Grade and High School this year has a total enrollment of 573, according to Principal William B. Hall. In the high school there are 328, 38 more than last year’s alltime record of 290.

The high school enrollment breaks down into 118 freshmen, 110 sophomores, 63 juniors, and 37 seniors. The school began this year’s term Aug. 29.

There are 20 teachers at Fleming this year, one less than last year’s number. Two new courses have been added, home economics II and Folk Club. The Folk Club is part of the school’s physical education program.

The school has a new inter-communication system which enables the principal’s office to talk with any room in the building. The system is being used for the morning devotional programs which originate in the principal’s office.

The walls of the halls have been painted and the auditorium, lunchroom, and outside trimming also have a new coat of paint.

Heretofore known as Fleming High School, the school was renamed this year by the County Board of Education. Hereafter it will be known as Neon-Fleming High School.

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