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Highlights of F.N.H.S.




Football schedule and score

Vicco – We 44, They – 0; Wheelwright – We 12, They 0; Prestonsburg – We 13, They 12; Russel – We 0, They 6; Jenkins – We 13, They 7; Paintsville – We 0, They 7; Whitesburg – We 7, They 18; Pikeville – We 6, They 41.


Harry Venters – Q.B.; Sylvester Allen – H.B.; Tony Vertuca – F.B.; Jack Jenkins – H.B.; Darrel Sisk – R.E.; Oscar Watson – R.T.; Homer Conley – R.G.; Francis Johnson – C.; Winfred Sisk – L.G.; Fred Conley – L.T.; Ralph Richardson – L.E.; R.B. Slone – Q.B.; Joe Gibson – C.

Coach Vaughn’s comments on the players: Harry Venters, one of our most consistent ball carriers, and one of the best all around players.

Jack Jenkins, a senior play boy who showed up on the grid as a player, as well as a lady’s man.

R.B. Slone, a seventh grader who made a place for himself in the lineup by hard playing. His saying: “Get out of that ditch, baby doll.”



Winfred Sisk, the guy that gets three men at a time.

Homer Conley, Sylvester Allen, Tony Vertuca, Oscar Watson, Ralph Richardson, and Joe Gibson have certainly contributed their part for the team this year.

Darrel Sisk and Fred Conley are two seniors that are too good to lose.

Francis Johnson, a good “bet” for next year.

Head Coach – Vincent Vaughn. Assistant Coach Walter Enlow.

Who’s who

Most Popular Girl – Ruth Taylor, Boy – Paul Wright. Brightest Girl – Mildred Petterson, Boy – Darrel Sisk. Teacher’s Pet – Girl – Vera Mullins, Boy – Robert Preston. Happiest – Girl – Percy Vance, Boy – Harry Venters. Feistiest – Girl – Mae Gambel, Boy – Darrel Sisk. Quietest Girl – Virginia Lee Webb, Boy – Charles Jackson. Best Girl Athlete – Gaynelle Hancock, Boy – Harry Venters. Dreamiest Girl – Mary Gillis, Boy – Homer Conley. Curviest Girl – Gaynelle Hancock, Boy – Lawrence Smith. Most Attractive Girl – Pearl Welch, Boy – Hershel Hudgins.

The above articles from the 1941 Fleming High School Yearbook

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